Maya Kern


Part of the Sailor Moon tribute art show, “Magical Girl Heroines: Sailor Moon and Sailor Senshi”, opening Saturday, April 5th 2014, at Q Pop! / Tumblr.

Sailor Swoon by Maya Kern

The Princess Serenity & Moon, Prism Power, Make-up! by Sylvia Liu

Nothing Can Stand Against Our Might by Elsa Chang

Sailor Moon by Nikolas Ilic / Blog

Sailor Moon by Priscilla Wong / Tumblr

The Magic Moon by Felix Ip / Tumblr

Sweet Dreamz are Made of These by Eddie Xu / Tumblr

Usagi by Candie Bolton / Store

Gossip by Aminder Dhaliwal


Commissions and drawings from the last leg of Anime Expo! That first character is mayakern’s OC, Franny from Monster Pop. Kris Anka very kindly stopped by to visit, and he picked up Emma Frost. Everyone was incredibly sweet, and I got to meet SO MANY awesome followers, friends, and personal faves. A warm thank you to everyone who stopped by!

i kno most of us feel really sad about george, including myself, but lets feel sad for marina too. the entire time she was telling franny her feelings she kept degrading herself and couldnt say anything positive unless it was about franny. :“”( shes probably gonna find out about george sooner or later and feel awful about everything and blame herself. i worry about marina ok.

10 Tumblr webcomics you should be following

2) Maya Kern
If college theses were graded according to Tumblr notes, Maya Kern would have received an A+. Kern’s 23-page thesis for the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) is a Little Red Riding Hood-inspired comic series called redden. So far Kern has posted more than 13 pages from the series on Tumblr, where they have collected hundreds of notes each. Like Kern’s other webcomics, redden features a strong female lead character set for adventure in a world of unknown obstacles.

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New artist!

WeejaPeeja is proud to host products for @mayakern! An illustrator and comic artist, Maya is known for her bright, well-designed imagery, and her webcomic Monster Pop! Browse her page on WeejaPeeja to see what all she has to offer on our site!

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hey everyone! I get tons of these messages:

will I be selling at Detour?
will I be visiting any Minnesota cons?

here’s the thing: I would love to!! I’ve applied to Detour the last two years and was told no. one of the reasons listed: I don’t have the fanbase!

I’m asking my Midwest fans who want to see me at Anime Detour: please contact Detour directly and tell them you’d like to see me! a representative gave me a contact email to direct my fans to:

I want to meet my local fans! please take a moment to contact Anime Detour.

if you don’t have time or don’t know what to say, I’ve drafted up a sample email to send to, edit it as you please:

Dear Anime Detour,

I will be going/have gone to Anime Detour and I really want to see Maya Kern there! I’m one of her fans, and it would mean a lot to me and help provide a positive convention experience.

Thank you!

[Your name]

it doesn’t need to be long or detailed, but you’re welcome to include as much information as you’d like!

I really want to meet my Midwest fans, and Anime Detour is one of the largest conventions in the Midwest, and the largest in Minnesota. hopefully I’ll see you guys there next year, thank you so much!


Ok, that’s official. I’m literally obsessed with the amazing webcomic Monster Pop! by the talented Maya Kern.

I fell in love with Maya Kern’s style (beautiful colors, characters design), with George (she’s so cute, seriously *u*), with the duo Marina-George (i totally ship them).

I want to know what’s next! >o<

If you want to read this lovely webcomic :

And this is Maya kern’s Tumblr and DeviantArt : -