Hello! Happy new year! Oh, also, here’s this new animation I made.

Ok, seeyah :3


GUESS WHAT IT’S DONE! My first animation using an actual raytracing renderer. @hyperchaotix did most of the lighting for me, and helped me out when I had to do it myself. It was a real learning experience but boy did I learn a lot!

I posted earlier that I’d be at Further Confusion in San Jose this weekend.  As it turns out, I lied.  We’re in the midst of a multi-day ice storm in St. Louis and I can’t get out.

My apologies to anyone who was planning to pick up a sketch or signature. (My publisher will still be at Booth 2 in Dealers Room West with lots of books and big, new giclée prints, though.)

Anyway, if you too are dealing with wintry garbage, here’s a baby Maya for thinking warm thoughts.  May the trees stay standing and the electricity stay on.


A tattoo design commissioner sent me some pics of the finished piece! Digging the brighter palette as well.

Hit me up at if you’re interested in a commission, (that’s “monirobot” and not “monarobot”)! I’m taking 3 slots for now.

Price sheet:
Glyph icon - 35USD
Full body piece - 70USD
Tattoo design (includes sketch revisions and delivery of high res Photoshop file) - starting at 200USD