TheRedHarlequin's Fic Recs!

Hello! This is the admin TheRedHarlequin here! Just call me Harle! This is a short list of some fanfics containing but mostly centered around KidLaw and LawKid fics! This is NOT a masterlist! Just some off the top of my head and more will be added at a later date, this includes some comments of mine but do not do these stories justice! I hope to add many more soon and will eventually post a per story on here with my thoughts when I read them. I hope you enjoy these fics as much as I do and these will eventually be added to the archive.

All links direct to (First half is Law trapped with Luffy, but there’s a lot of mentions of LawKid and interactions later in the midpart of the story)

In which Law and Luffy never saw one another on Punk Hazard and the alliance wasn’t formed. Instead they wake up in a cage together. Will Law be able to get along with Luffy and escape or will he leave the young captain behind? Warnings: Torture (Main pairings are ZoSan and KidLaw, KidLaw will be in the next chapter, the author is cool and this promises to be a good one :D )

ZoSan. KidLaw. AU. As Sanji enters his senior year at an academy that specializes in training students to protect the mundane world from the terrors of supernatural beings, he struggles to deal with the overwhelming desires he holds for his roommate. Elsewhere, a fledgling vampire refuses to play by the rules, much to his sire’s amusement. (Trigger warnings for non-con, dub-con, and torture, but otherwise is a very well written story with a good bit of romance )

Kidd found that being dead was surprisingly difficult, especially when he hadn’t been fully aware of it before. Though he was no longer tied to the world of the living, it seemed that his past had not forgotten about him. And that past made being dead far more complicated than Kidd thought was possible. Modern-ish AU. Dub con, non con. Mainly Kidd x Law with some Doflamingo x Law. (Haven’t read very far in this one, but Law is a patient who’s grown up in the hospital and peoples act suspicious and Kid enters into his life by stopping his suicide )

Trafalgar Law, a young man imprisoned in a hospital due to his illness came to a decision to end it all. Little did he know a certain drunkard would interfere with his plan and that their brief encounter is the beginning of a change. But is it for the better or for the worse, Law did not know. Warning: BoyxBoy/Law x Kidd AU (A hilarious story that i really like, main pairing is KidLaw, the author is a bit whimsical with the chapters and rewriting but she’s very good and i recommend her works)

Time to embarrass Kidd in a game of “Never Have I Ever” to prove that he is indeed a certain someone’s boyfriend. KidxLaw slash. (Cannon AU with Law as a teen and meets Kid in the south blue)

First times are always interesting, aren’t they? First time leaving Dressrosa, first time wandering from Doffy. Law finally finds his first friend and their first pet - a Vermilion Flycatcher. The red bird becomes a symbol of their friendship, and Kidd’s smile is heartwarming, all that Law becomes to ever want. But sometimes, we can never have it all. “I wish we can stay together.” (based on the movie The Other Woman, same author as the previous two fics, starts out with SmoLaw but progresses to KidLaw and looking awesome)

Law likes to play around, but thinks he finally finds the one when he meets a cop named Smoker in in a pub called Punk Hazard. Things turn for the worst when he finds out that he has a wife and is seeing other men. He gives up, but his best friend will always be there, and plus, he meets a hot, new redhead. Not going to be SmoxLaw, but KidLaw slash. Side MarcoxAce (This one’s kinda cute XD )

Law doesn’t give Kid a choice about getting his arm fixed. AU, one-shot, slight fluff? Rated M because of Kid’s language. WARNING: I have never written KidxLaw before and I don’t actually ship it (I have nothing against it though); I wrote this as a gift. So if it seems a bit…off that would be why. ItriedI'msorry This is for maridoodles over on tumblr. (shamelessly adds my story >///<)

Kid was trying his hardest to become more than what has been expected of him his entire life. While trying to apply for college, he receives an unexpected offer from a man who is much more than what appearances would lead one to believe. (kinky kinda gorey~)

Kid and Law have some fun with a scalpel. Warning: Blood and bloody fetishism I guess? Enjoy! (New story and shows promise, based in victorian era in an asylum, hence the name XD )

After being arrested for arson, Kid is sent to the Impel Down Asylum, where he is placed in a room with Law. Their first bonding experience comes in the form of a reading lesson, when Kid comes to terms with the possessive instinct he has towards the older man. With Law as his guide to the Asylum, he’s bound to have it easy, right? Maybe not. 1800sAU, Yaoi, eventual lemon. KidxLaw. (a japanese story being translated by AmaiTsumi the wonderful woman :D -makes note to shamelessly take advantage of later- XD)

Human beings are such complicated creatures. When they develop a desire for something, there is no stopping them from achieving what they want. However, the more forcefully they try to achieve those desires, the more easily they get hurt… Translation of a Japanese fic from pixiv (Grammars a bit off, but it’s a good story :D )

AU, KidLaw (maybe LawKid as well), romance Kid is a waiter at the Baratie at day and a bartender in a gay bar at night. One evening him and Law meet. (A short oneshot but i like it, a good author who i’m looking forward to seeing more from)

For every time they’ve encountered each other, it had not been under the best circumstances. Drabble. Alternate universe. (Same author but a mulit chapter fic)

Whenever it is a case with Law, things tend to become more than what they had initially seemed to be. The question is, how far will Kid be willing to go before things escalate to the point of no return? From smuggling rings to the labyrinths of a black market operation, Kid and Law will test and even break each others’ limits. AU. (only has one chapter so far, but there will be KidLaw later, initial chapters include DoflaLaw to be warned to those who don’t like the paring.)

Trafalgar Law has met many destinies throughout his life - one was the lover of his mother, one a peasant in Spain. Regardless, there will always be one deed making him feel great regret and guilt. /DofLaw KidLaw complications, odd language, and a pinch of French!/ (A fanfic of my beta and very close friend Mai Kusakabe, she’s a great writer and this is a fic showcasing Kid as a serial killer. I recommend any of her works.)

Eustass Kid needed a specific ritual so that his life’s precarious balance didn’t fall apart. If something failed, he would lose the most important thing in his life: Trafalgar Law. Kid x Law (Same as above, this is a KidLaw/LawKid story with a very shocking twist at the end.)

Kid met Law when he was fifteen out of coincidence, and six years later they live together. Ace starts to work at the police’s homicide department and is assigned as Detective Marco’s partner, who has the case of “The Avenger”, a serial killer who’s been systematically exterminating a criminal organization for the last three years. Kid x Law (A good story with a lot of gratuitous smut. ;) It includes KidLawDofla. Drop her a review to make her update faster -cackles-)

Trafalgar Law, a member of the Donquixote Family, is a prostitute while he studies. His plan is easy: to work until he finishes his studies and then become the family’s doctor, all while being Doflamingo’s lover. Things turn complicated after he gets a new client, an infamous assassin named Eustass Kid. Kid/Law/Doflamingo

That’s all for now and I’ll see ya next time! (edited, decided to include summaries.)