When I got to the age where I started questioning the reality of Santa, my parents told me that if I didn’t believe in him, he definitely wouldn’t bring me any Christmas presents.

The keep the faith mantra really reminds me of this.

While as viewers we may or may not get our gifts (representation, screen time, a pink pony) in the end, me believing we will really isn’t what will make the difference.

Publicly critiquing and giving honest feedback, on the other hand, just might. If not with this ship, maybe a different one, another Christmas, another year.


Haikyuu!! S02 || Bokuto & Kuroo
↳ “Oya oya?” “Oya oya oya?” : The Bokuro Bros™ for @anna-hiwatari


Nobuchika Ginoza | Enforcer | (๑•̀ᗝ•́)૭
↳ “No matter how severe the situation is, if you continue to stay there, you’ll accept everything as a everyday life” Happy Birthday to my lovely Kisa (✿´ ꒳ ` ) @durararas​ 


3 minutes of the most beautiful sound on earth


Arima Kishou | The White Reaper
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Prayers for Suicidal Hellenic Polytheists

(I’m having a really bad suicidal day, so this is inspired by @aro–aphrodite)

May Zeus provide you the strength to live, and the safe refuge of his protection for when the urges become too much.

May Hera remind you in your darkest hours, the most important relationship is the one with yourself; and may she bless and strengthen the bond of that very union.

May Poseidon keep you safe in all voyages, including the journey that is life. May he prevent you from drowning in both your thoughts and the waters deep below.

May Demeter keep you warm and love you just like a mother. May she send forth gifts of a still soothed mind, and allow all your efforts in recovery to be fruitful.

May Athena, destroyer of Giants, slay the urges and intrusive thoughts too large to defeat on your own. May she protect you and bless you with the will to keep fighting.

May Apollon be by your side, whether it be during therapy or at your bedside in the ward. May he be a ray of light to give you a glimmer of hope.

May Artemis shield you, and provide you relief. May you never be thrown to the wolves, but rather have the courage to bear your teeth for your own defence.

May Ares cover your battle scars, and protect you from more. May he give you the courage of an entire army,
and the support of one to. May you be reminded that you need not to win every battle to win the war.

May Aphrodite shower you with the love you deserve, including the love of yourself for yourself. May she remind and teach you that you are beautiful.

May Hephaistos provide you a creative outlet; a distraction to keep hands busy without a blade. May he teach you you can’t forge yourself without the flame, but you have been setting yourself on fire far too long.

May Hermes provide you a safe haven; be it a support group, or even just long drives in the rain to clear your head. May he hold your hand as you cross bridges, and let you find change on the ground after you do not jump.

May Dionysos put a smile on your face, and stand strong along side you, urging you to dance; he knows mental illness all to well. Dance away the demons, dance into relief.

May Haides, somber but not always impartial, lead you away from the incoming cars, and drop sweet nectar into your mouth. It is not yet your time.

May Persephone remind you that the greatest fall can lead you to the greatest heights. There is something honourable about walking out of rock bottom with your head held high, or walking on through like you own the place.

May Hestia keep you warm when your emotions are spent, leaving you numb and cold. May she bless you with a feeling of home whenever possible, and keep those hearth fires burning. And your own inner fire strong, as well.

The Gods demand Arête, your personal best. Arête is not being the most successful person in the world. Sometimes it is merely staying alive. And staying alive, well, that makes the Theoi very happy.


✧ God of Calamity  | YATO | Happy Birthday to my fab Yumii~ (๑♡3♡๑)ノ♪


Captain Cobra Swan + Hogwarts Houses

For my Captain Cobra Swan Secret Santa Giftee @cocohook38 <3


For my queens asking for advice on requesting a gift from a pot. Stay elegant, have your words ready to explain yourselves with class and eloquence. Ask a friend, we are in this together.

This is straight from ho tactics, with asking for a small gift and gauging how generous they are with hwo cheap or extravagant that gift may be. Good luck sugaring my queens.

Reposting to fix a mistake!

It’s been one hell of a year filled with lots of art (I still can’t believe I managed to complete inktober). But thanks for coming along for the ride; I really appreciate all the likes/reblogs/comments/messages and overall support you guys have sent my way! Here’s to the next one!


“You were my strength when I was weak. You were my voice when I couldn’t speak You were my eyes when I couldn’t see. You saw the best there was in me. Lifted me up when I couldn’t reach, you gave me faith ‘coz you believed. I’m everything I am because you loved me…” - Celine Dion, Because You Loved Me

Merry Christmas May! (@regina-mills) - from your Secret Santa

Things Change (Gaston)

word count: 2, 794

summary: Your father is sick and in need of medicine. Gaston instantly falls for your looks, and instead of turning him down, you see a way to help your father. Things don’t go as planned.

warning: slight OOC 

a/n: Yep. I’ve fallen for the beauty that is the live action Gaston, portrayed by the even more gorgeous Luke Evans. Gotta thank the encouragement from my post. And @marvelavengings for putting up with me while I wrote this. Also, can anyone find the Spongebob reference? A gift may ensue. I could’ve written more but I got tired it’s nearly midnight so be easy on me…hope you guys like it. 

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imagine your otp

cutthroatpixie said: I am trying to remember the first thing I ever said to you in person was it something dumb about your knee it was probably something dumb about your knee

kixboxer said: i don’t remember! i mean it probably was, but all i remember is i was sitting in the lobby of your hotel reading my kindle with LASER FOCUS and then some feet stopped next to mine. and then i’ve got nothing until we couldn’t find a real thai place for wizard reasons and i think the waiter thought we were on a date. i have anxiety coma’d the rest.

imagine your otp

viktor and yuuri meeting for the first time after chatting online for… years? (WHAT FANDOM WERE THEY IN? ICE SKATING FANDOM MAYBE?) and yuuri is so nervous to meet him (he is so boring? and plain? viktor will probably take one look at him and leave??) and so he’s waiting at viktor’s hotel lobby for viktor to show up (which, lbr, will be the swankiest place in town and he has spent the last ten minutes watching these Very Important People power-walking while talking into their bluetooth headsets, dressed in clothes that cost more than the entirety of yuuri’s apartment building, his heart in his throat, his anxiety up to the sky)

and he’s just staring at the black screen of his phone and thinking maybe he ought to just leave when all of a sudden he sees a pair of feet stop next to him, clad in the most hideously expensive shoes he has ever seen and—oh. it’s viktor. of course it is.

and so yuuri’s staring at him awkwardly and viktor looks strangely nervous.

“you’re shorter than i thought,” yuuri suddenly says.

at the same time, viktor blurts out: “i like your knees.”

yuuri stares at him. viktor blinks. “the first picture you ever sent of me had vicchan sitting on your lap,” he says quietly. “i saw your knees before i ever saw your face.” he pauses. “also, ouch.” and yuuri is bright red and viktor is still. staring. at. his. knees. 

and then they wind up going to a thai restaurant for drunken noodles where phichit is the waiter who knows they are on an awkward date

("no,” yuuri says, “we are just friends who, if anybody else asks, did not meet on the internet”)

and phichit tries really hard to lessen the awkwardness and also he is probably yuuri’s bff who told him “i totally ship you guys but just in case take him here for your date and if he winds up being a creeper i’ll knock him out with our wok”

(phichit does not knock him out with their wok)

(he knows true awkward internet love when he sees it)

“HTERE ISNO MANCE,” yuuri texts phichit drunkenly after he has walked viktor back to his hotel. drunk-texting is awfully hard, but yuuri has a lot of experience.

in response, phichit sends back a picture of the two of them giggling over pictures of their dogs, leaning over each other’s cell phones, long-empty plates still on the table (phichit has other priorities, okay)

“THERE IS SO MUCH MANCE,” he says, adding two entire lines of relevant emoji, from the smiling face with heart-eyes emoji to no less than five eggplant emoji. yuuri doesn’t deign to respond. it’s totally worth it.


@kixboxer; @cutthroatpixie


Finally managed to work past my art block (kinda)!

Jedi! Shmi is dedicated to the magnificent @mirandatam. I hope this helps out with your writer’s block, friendo. (I also hope this shade of green is okay. If not, lemme know and I’ll alter it a bit <3)

(And pssst, other peeps. Mira has a Jedi Shmi AU that is pretty damn popular. Take a looksie. I definitely gotta read it myself soon!)