im laughing i know this conflicts with the timeline but just imagine it’s a few months since doof and perry have been assigned to each other and seven year old vanessa has met perry several times and she like has this parent teacher conference and doof is getting vanessa ready and like
“okay so your mom is gonna meet us there—“
“what about perry”
“… what.”
“what about perry?”
“sweetie he’s… he’s my nemesis, not—“
“but he’s almost always here when i’m with you! and he got me a christmas present and he always makes sure wave at me when i’m over and he sometimes watches movies with us and—“
“yes but vanessa he’s not… he’s not your parent—“
and vanessa just
refuses to go to the conference
and doof like
and calls up perry just “okay you know how two months ago i pushed you out of the way when the zuccini-inator was exploding and then i said that you owe me one. well i’m calling in that favor”
and they meet charlene at the door and honestly charlene knows her ex husband well enough to not even really question the platypus. of course heinz brought a platypus. “he’s a family friend,” heinz says. “vanessa wanted him here.” charlene just sighs
the teacher is confused but eventually rolls with it, as perry diligently takes notes on what vanessa needs to be studying more. (he sneaks out in between conferences to candace’s conferences, listening by the door and taking the same sort of notes for her, and when the boys are old enough, he does it for them)
the school just knows now that perry is going to be at every one of vanessa doofenshmirtz’s parent teacher conferences
then one day at the start of junior year a the doofenshmirtz family files in for a conference, but since doof is doing his own conferences now (which are going… okay considering everything) they decided to let another family member join in and teacher just sees norm stuffed into a desk like “HI I’M NORM. HOW IS MY SISTER DOING???” and the teacher just like. sighs.


ok but actually tho what is going on?

in a post Gerard made he says “My Chem will never be back. That is long gone. But perhaps a new project will arise that is not just us as individuals, but us as a group. However, IF we do get back together, Bob will probably be back, and Mikey probably will not. My brother not returning is the main reason for the name change. He came up with the name and without him, we never would have been called My Chemical Romance. And without him, we won’t be. But again it’s all been talk so far. I don’t want you to get your hopes too high.”

and then there’s two tweets from May where Gerard says “@ MCRofficial will be back.” and Frank also tweets “@ MCRofficial is getting back together in 2016. Heads up!”


Pot Dealers Traced Back 5,000 Years

Steppe herders believed to have been among the founders of the European civilization may have also been the first pot dealers, says a new study into the history of cannabis.

Called the Yamnaya, these nomads entered Europe about 5,000 years ago from the eastern Steppe region, in today’s Ukraine and Russia. According to the research, they brought with them metallurgy, herding skills and possibly the Indo-European languages.

They were also responsible for the first, transcontinental trade of cannabis some 5,000 years ago.

The conclusion comes from a systematic review of archaeological and paleo-environmental records of cannabis fibres, pollen and achene across Europe and East Asia.

Carried out by researchers from the German Archaeological Institute and the Free University of Berlin, the study determined the herb was not first used and domesticated somewhere in China or Central Asia, as it has been often assumed. Read more.

The Black Emporium Rare Pair Fanwork Exchange

Welcome to the Black Emporium! We offer relics and antiques for the discerning fan, and a chance to boost the Dragon Age fandom with some shiny new fanworks! 

This exchange celebrates all rare pairs in Thedas from Origins to Inquisition, whether the pairing is canon, non-canon, or sheer crack.

Sounds great! What’s a rare pairing?
For the purpose of this exchange, a rare pair is a pairing with less than 300 completed works on Ao3 at the time of nomination. Pairings may also include threesomes/moresomes. 

So let’s say I’m interested. What kind of commitment do I have to make if I want to participate?
All fanfics written for the exchange have to be a minimum of 1,000 words. There is no maximum word count. Fics cannot be part of a series – they must be able to stand alone. Art can be digital or hand drawn and must be complete. Manips are not allowed as standalone art, but may be included with a story or centrepiece artwork as extras. Both may be explicit works provided that they are tagged appropriately.

If you would like to create extra stories or artworks as treats, you are allowed to do so, but you are not obligated to.

Okay, so how does it work? 
This challenge will take place over the course of the next three months*:

- Nominations: July 9 - July 20
- Signups: July 21 - August 10
- Matching: August 11
- Deadline for Fanworks: September 25
- Posting date: October 1

*This timeline may change barring unforeseen events. We will update both this tumblr and AO3 as soon as possible should any timeline changes be needed. 

We will be nominating pairings from July 9th - 20th. You can nominate up to 20 different pairings. The moderators will go through the pairings to check how many completed works there are on Ao3 – any pairing with less than 300 works completed works to their name will be accepted. Pairings may be slash, femslash, het, threesomes, or moresomes.

Learn how to nominate over here

After nominations are complete, you will be allowed to fill out a form of requested approved pairings that you would like to create and receive fic/art for. (They do not necessarily have to be the same!) You must fill out at least five requests and three offers. You may only select each pairing once, but may give multiple ideas per pairing in your prompt.

For this exchange, sign-ups will be accepted between July 21st and August 10th. After that, the mods will begin to match people up based on what they wanted to write and what others wanted to read.

For your sign ups, please go into some detail about what you would like: give the creator of your work some different ideas about what they could make for you. Good things to list: general likes, rating restrictions, prompt ideas, squicks/triggers/do-not-wants, or anything else you’d like the writer to know. Make sure you list things you definitively do not want. Authors and artists are absolutely forbidden to ignore squicks and triggers. Otherwise, the only guideline of your prompt they are unequivocally beholden to is the requested pairing, though they are encouraged to take your preferences into consideration.

After sign ups are completed, the mods will begin to match people based on their interests. Your match will always include at least one option that you offered, but may include others you did not match on. You must write or draw one story.

Person B must write at least one of Person A’s requested pairings. Person B cannot write a Female Lavellan/Blackwall fic for Person A if Person A did not request that pairing.

You are guaranteed to have a match by August 11th. If you do not have a match by then, please contact the mods.

All stories must be posted by September 25th. You may continue to edit your story until September 30th, but it is imperative that you have something submitted. The mods will then go through posted stories to make sure that they are not placeholders (e.g. garbage text, incomplete stories, etc). You may post your story or art earlier without impunity. 

All stories will be revealed on October 1st. At this point your story will be revealed to the public. You must have your final draft up by this time.

Uh…crap. So it looks like I bit off more than I can chew. Uh… can I just… not post anything?

The purpose of a fic exchange is for everyone to have a present. If you know you cannot finish your assignment by the due date, it is imperative that you contact the mods as soon as possible. People who default in this challenge must write a full-length treat before the start of the next round if they wish to participate in future rounds of Black Emporium.

Defaults will be sent out to a pinch hitters list in order to ensure that recipients do not go giftless. The archive won’t open until everyone has something.

I’m not sure I can commit to the full challenge, but I’d like to write/draw something. Is there anything I can do?
Yes! You may join the Pinch Hitter list and write fics or draw art in the stead of people who default. You may also sign up as a Beta reader or write treats. A treat is a work composed for someone other than your assigned recipient. Treats should follow that persons squicks/triggers and pairings, but do not necessarily have to fill their prompts in any other way. You may write/draw treats for whomever you want, using any of the pairings on the nominations list.

I don’t have an AO3 account. Can I still participate?                                  Well, strictly speaking, no. But we can get you an AO3 account! Send a message to the Black Emporium mods and we will hook you up with an AO3 invitation. 

long post alert, sorry

I find it quite upsetting that Mark’s friends didn’t respect the boys’ privacy. I mean when do they ever have privacy? Like did they rly need to post all those things to show the world? I mean I get that it’s their social media, their private accounts but like??? If you knew a bunch of got7 fans would be watching, why post it? Just to get “attention”? On snapchat you can literally watch the videos before sending. I don’t approve BamBam for what he said or how Yugyeom was under-aged drinking, but I mean sending them hate? While they’re far away from home? In a foreign country? I’m pretty sure they were all drunk and just didn’t think about what they were saying or even their actions. I haven’t seen the actual snaps or anything but did the boys know they were being recorded and shown to anyone to see, especially fans? I don’t think Mark’s friends are good influences in MY opinion. Not hating or judging, I’m just saying what I think from what I’ve observed from them so far. All the boys wanted to do was spend time with friends and family and have fun bc they’ve been working their asses off I mean they DESERVE IT. What they don’t deserve? People telling them to kill themselves. That’s just way over the top. Those words can really get to them and you never know what can actually come out of it.. We all know got7 hates upsetting fans and I’m pretty sure BamBam isn’t racist at all bc hell, I saw him walk away with two beautiful black women in LA. And remember one of his speeches? When he said “but because of you guys, it’s why I’m still here” LIKE! He literally says he lives for us! & If the people he is living for are telling him to die… I just can’t. Sorry for my long ass rant but I’m just so upset rn.

Anybody wanna join me for a good ol’ sci-fi and cry?

Preference #2: “Stay with me.”

A/N: Man. These may get repetitive. May also be slightly spoiler-y for Captain America: Civil War. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya! It’s at the end, though- for T’Challa. Put that one under a read more; the rest are spoiler free!

Requests are open, loves! Don’t be afraid to send somethin’ in! :)


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“Stay with me.” Tony had said, confident in his statement with a cocky grin. “Tony…” “No fighting me. It’s the least I could do when one of my best workers gets kicked out of their apartment. Plus, the tower has enough space.” It took more convincing from Tony, but eventually you gave in and within a week were moved into Stark tower.


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gif is unrelated but it’s so hard to find good gifs of Bruce! 

“Stay with me.” It was softly spoken, barely above a whisper. You weren’t even sure you heard him right at first, so you looked back to him, eyebrows pulled together in confusion. “Bruce… What did you say?” “I asked if.. You would stay with me.” He repeated, his eyes meeting yours. “I just… I get lonely. Sometimes, it’s nice having another person around who doesn’t fear… The big guy.”


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“Stay with me…” Bucky said, his breath catching in his throat as he looked at you. It was late, and he wanted to be asleep, but he wanted you by his side when he woke up. “Buck, I…” You started, your heart dropping to your stomach once the quiet ‘please’ left his mouth. You sat down beside him, wanting nothing more than to comfort him right now. “I’ll stay.” “Promise you’ll be here when I wake up?” “I promise, Bucky.”


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You laughed as Thor threw you over his shoulder, prancing around the halls of the palace. There really wasn’t anywhere else you would rather be than Asgard. After Thor had shown you around, and you were introduced as his ‘Midgardian love’ (all Thor- you had nothing to do with that one), you loved it. Leading you to the dread that you would have to leave this beautiful place. And just days before you and Thor were set to leave, you voiced this to him. “Would you stay with me?” “Here? In Asgard? Thor…” “Do not deny this, Y/N. You are loved here, just as I.” “I’ll do it. But… You still have to take me home to tell my friends goodbye.” You explained and Thor gave you a cheeky smile. “Whatever you desire, Y/N.”


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“Hey, Y/N, think you could stay with me while I figure this out?” Steve asked as you looked at him, tilting your head. “What is it?” “It’s one of those phones. You know, the eye-something…” “iPhone?” You say, smiling as Steve nodded, holding the phone in his hand. “I thought Tony taught you how to use it.” “Y/N, you and I both know Tony. He taught me how to call people.” Steve explained as you nod, raising an eyebrow. “You don’t know how to text or anything else?” “I know how to google.” Steve said, looking at you, a smile finding its way onto his face. “Alright, Captain. Let’s teach you how to do things in the 21st century.”


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“Nat, no! Stay with me!” You yelled before the redhead could even leave the room, a smile making its way onto her face as she turned to look at you. “You afraid of the dark now, Y/N?” “HEY. You’re the one who brought up us watching scary movies. You know I hate those damned things!” You yell in your defense, Natasha making her way back to your bed, sitting down beside you. “I’ll stay with you, calm down.” 


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“Don’t leave just yet, Y/N. Stay with me a while.” Clint said as you started to move away from the spot you two had been sitting at. “Why, so you can give me more of your brilliant archery advice?” You tease, smiling as Clint narrowed his eyes at you, then stuck his tongue out. “My advice is golden. You just won’t admit it!” He shot back as you laughed, nodding. “Whatever you say, Hawk.”


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“Hell no, Wilson. You stay with me so I know I’m not the only one that Steve is trying to kill.” You say, panting as your hands rest against your knees before you plop down on the concrete. “Shade is over here, c’mon.” He replies and you nod, standing back up as you two walk to a tree, sitting side by side as you attempt to catch your breath. “First time actually training with Rogers like this?” Sam asked, looking over at you. “Absolutely. You know I’m used to sparring with the dude, but damn. That super soldier stamina is going to kill me.” You answer as Sam laughs, nodding. “I know how you feel with that.”


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anonymous asked:

I discovered your blog via BTD and I want to get more into your ocs. How should I go about learning about your ocs? I'm kinda confused but intrigued @_@

Awww thanks for the interest anon! X3c My characs are kinda…everywhere haha (cos i have this…tendency to throw them into many different AUs for fun |D). My main ones are the Hedone Highers:

who in normal verse are a bunch of highschoolers at an all male boarding school (the headmaster is Rire). I draw them a lot on my DA and there’s a few random bits of info interspersed in their tumblr tag. The main secondary (lol oxymoron) AU i’m developing with them is Battle Priest, which unlike the normal verse might actually get a webcomic idk we’ll see lol.

Another reoccurring character is Eid (kid with the mask).

His original form is that of a shadow monster but lately i’ve been using this human form more. He’s even more of an AU hopper since i keep throwing him into random stuff with friends so not much is really set with him XD The main things are that he’s mute, almost constantly starts off homeless, and he’s always romantically paired with @justonepurpose​ charac Mu (girl in the cat ear hoodie).

Of course is there’s anything specific you wanna know feel free to ask me! :)

I know I’m terrible and I finally did my short/one-liner starter call yesterday but like this post if you want a starter. It’ll probably be a longer starter because I have a lot of muse as I’m doing my icons for in-game Brilwyn and I’m in love

  • Me:idk I still want to write Voltron fic but maybe it's just not a good audience for any more rule 63 going forward.
  • My brain:okay I hear you
  • My brain:but
  • My brain:what if
  • My brain:have you considered this 63!Shiro/63!Keith idea
rambly accent meme with loftec
  • rambly accent meme with loftec
  • loftec
  • tumblr procrastination stuff

I was tagged by @the-rat-wins to do a thing (thanks!) and here it is. Because of technical difficulties I actually ended up editing the file, taking away dead air and strange tangents and unseemly coughs and sniffs… and it’s still 10 minutes long because I do not possess the magical ability of cutting to the chase. 

  • What’s your name & username?
  • Where are you from?
  • What’s the time where you are?
  • Pronounce the following words: Meme, Pepe, Doge, Sudoku, Espresso, Celtic, Açaí, Dr. Seuss.
  • What’s your favourite pizza place? Favourite pizza topping?
  • What’s your favourite dessert?
  • What’s your favourite food? What food do you hate?
  • What’s your favourite TV show? Which show were you into, but then got out of?
  • What brand is your phone?
  • Do you speak a second language?
  • How do you define a group of people when you’re talking to them? Do you say ‘guys,’ or ‘dudes’ or?
  • What Harry Potter house do you most identify with? If sorted by Pottermore, did you agree with the one you got?
  • Is there something you should be doing right now but are procrastinating?
  • Now that you’ve talked about what you need to be doing, go do it!


In Any Universe

They say that there’s a multitude of parallel universes out there. That somewhere in some dimension there’s a carbon copy of you. Someone with your name and your face exists with a completely different life than yours. They say that every universe could be altered by the simplest thing; an invention, a birth, a death, even taking a slightly different run than your normal route. They also say, that while you may be different in every universe, your story is similar. It runs parallel to the one you have now.