May (Guilty Gear)


Guilty Gear Xrd REVELATOR; Faust’s “Stimulating Fists of Annahilation”.

A.K.A.: Faust’s finger attack, Thousand years of pain, Kancho attack, best overdrive in the game

Screenshoted from this video, all creditis due to them

“In Depth Analysis:”

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Guilty Gear XX #Reload
Publisher: Sammy (Arcade, JP PS2), ZOO (EU), Majesco (NA Xbox), Microsoft (JP Xbox), MediaKite (PC), Sega (PSP)
Developer: Arc System Works Co., Ltd.
Platform: PC, Arcade, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Xbox
Year: 2003 (Arcade, JP PS2), 2004 (EU PS2, Xbox, JP PC), 2005 (PSP), 2006 (EU PC)