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so who is tim yohannon and why did gd hate him sorry if it's a stupid question I haven't been a fan of gd for that long

ah no worries it’s not a stupid questions at all!!

so basically tim yohannon was one of the founders of gilman street as well maximum rocknroll magazine. when green day first started out as a band they tried many times to get gigs at gilman street however tim did not want them playing there because he thought their sound was too pop. he was sort of a punk elitist so to say. also i’ve heard somewhere that apparently after green day got sorta big in gilman he actually started praising them in his magazine (despite being so against them playing there) only to start talking shit about them again and calling them sellouts after they signed to a major record label. so that hypocrisy probably made green day hate him more.

basically he made green day’s lives very difficult as a young band starting out, was a dick to them, and talked negatively about the band for many many years. as a result a mutual hatred grew between him and the band. in the mid 90s he got diagnosed with a form of cancer and green day wrote the song platypus dedicated to him and the fact that he got cancer. then he actually did die, and green day released another song that they had wrote but never put out called ha ha you’re dead. also in 2011 billie tweeted this but then deleted it afterwards:

“Platypus was written for tim yohanon. And i prey to god I misspelled his name. Rest in shit you fucking cunt”.

A review of a self-titled album by Diamanda Galás, written by Jello Biafra in Maximum RocknRoll (MRR) issue number 15, from July 1984. I’ve been spending a lot of time digging through MRR for Hardcore Architecture and I wish Jello wrote more reviews. I’m not sure if someone asked him to review these records because they were sent to the magazine, or if he just picked things he was most passionate about on his own, but he always wrote about the most compelling artists and releases.

Lady Punk History

MRR RADIO SPECIAL: Layla and Golnar’s history lesson for lady punkers.

Intro song:
VULPESS – Me Gusta Ser Una Zorra

SADO-NATION – Mom and Pop Democracy
TNT – Razzia
AMA-DOTS – Hit Girls
WILMA – Fast Fascist
THE BRAT – Leave Me Alone

CHALK CIRCLE – Reflection
NEO-BOYS – Rich Man’s Dream
BOW WOW WOW – Baby on Mars

NJF – Happy Sad
THE RATS – Broken Wire Telephone
ULTIMO RESORTE – Una Causa Sin Fondo

THE WRECKS – Lullaby of the Womb
RUTTO – Sa et Haluu

Outro song:
AVENGERS – Cheap Tragedies

I’ve used the word sincere a few times above already. And that’s one of the main things you get living in the Midwest, sincerity. Kids from small towns in the Midwest who get into punk face a lot of pressure and judgement from the squares. Most of them move to Minneapolis to participate in the punk scene here, but they bring with them a sincerity and dedication to punk that transcends trends and fashion. That is to say, punk is a way of life for a lot of people here. I remember some years ago I let a friend of mine book Screeching Weasel in my living room. Larry Livermore was with them and made some comment like “Wow, the kids here are all into stuff that went out of style in Bay Area five years ago.” To which Patrick Costello deftly replied “No, the kids here are in it for life and not following the latest trends.”
—  Felix Havoc, from Maximum Rocknroll #368 (January 2014)