In a blog post this week, Imogen Binnie had some really important stuff to say about the queer “community” and its treatment of trans women and about glorifying heroes who have done fucked up things without acknowledging those fucked up things (ie, how so so many people worship Kathleen Hanna but neglect to address the fact that Le Tigre played Michfest twice, thereby tacitly endorsing the WBW policy and have never apologized, Queen Kathleen included.)

Read the full piece here. Seriously, go now. This piece is part of her work with Maximum Rocknroll. You can read more of those columns on her blog and can also check out the zines she has written via her Etsy store. Additionally, she is the author of Nevada, a novel recently published by Topside Press, an independent press dedicated to publishing authentic transgender narratives.

  • Lady Punk History

MRR RADIO SPECIAL: Layla and Golnar’s history lesson for lady punkers.

Intro song:
VULPESS – Me Gusta Ser Una Zorra

SADO-NATION – Mom and Pop Democracy
TNT – Razzia
AMA-DOTS – Hit Girls
WILMA – Fast Fascist
THE BRAT – Leave Me Alone

CHALK CIRCLE – Reflection
NEO-BOYS – Rich Man’s Dream
BOW WOW WOW – Baby on Mars

NJF – Happy Sad
THE RATS – Broken Wire Telephone
ULTIMO RESORTE – Una Causa Sin Fondo

THE WRECKS – Lullaby of the Womb
RUTTO – Sa et Haluu

Outro song:
AVENGERS – Cheap Tragedies

I drew this Comic cover for the MRR comics and art issue. Inside you’ll find art and comix by all time comrades and favorites of mine like Yecal Disaster, Luiz Berger, Lisa Czech, Anna Haifisch, Alex Heir, Heather Benjamin, Maren Karlson, Mar Estrama, Hector Sudor, Laura Pallmall, Bertoyas, Craoman, Teodoro Hernández, Karissa Sakumoto and many more Edited by Alex Ratcharge!
This sounds amazing to read, Get it Here.

The dominant concept of safer spaces where you try to hold some ground for yourself is so limited, you are always on the defense. It’s rooted in asking people you don’t trust to behave. Hearing Sadie at the show last night say, ‘This is a safe space to be a bitch…’ [laughter] It was like seeing a safe space as a form of attack and taking space rather than trying to defend your little plot, like rolling with a crew and trusting people you do trust to be bad instead of trusting people you don’t trust to be good.
—  Jake, G.L.O.S.S., interview coming in MRR #384

New issue of MRR is on sale today and it’s the Comics and Art special issue, guest coordinated by famed MRR columnist Monsieur Alex Simon. Featuring a cover by everyone’s favorite Mexican miscreant, Abraham Diaz, we threw over the written word for a full-on visual extravaganza, featuring art by Jim Shomo, Sara Abruña, Reuben Storey, Teodoro Hernandez, Tara Bursey, Payton Lower, Diane Maltesta, Andrew Scully, Ben Fordree, Juarma Lopez, J.M. Bertoyas, Shiva Addanki, Eugene Terry, Grimoire, Emma Kohlmann, Jack Hayden, Hector Sudor, Chico Félix, Ivan Brun, Robin Wiberg, Anna Vo, Alexander Heir, Craoman, Christopher Nhdiystrec, Anna Haifisch, Luca Tetraite, Maren Karlson, Suzy X, Matt Crabe, Jeffrey Mahannah, Freak City, Heather Benjamin, Dustin McChesney, Julien Dupont, Laura Pallmall, Ruben Dahlstrand, Nathan Ward, Mar Estrema, Sapiens, Mengzhu Fu, Karissa Sakumoto, Pyotr Mulinov, Jyriki Nissinen, Luiz Berger, Luiz Gustavo Vargas, Yecatl Peña, Zoe Burke, Annie Mok, Marissa Paternoster, Emma Maatman and Rudy Loewe. Subscriber copies come with a poster by Lisa Czech, or add one on to your single issue order for only $2!


Last night I sent issue #389 of Maximum Rocknroll to the printer, 12 months on from the first issue I worked on (#377, which features a must-read interview with Fracaso). Tumblr’s arbitrary photo limitations mean I can’t share all of the covers from the past year, but here are the last ten. 

Personal highlights include Bryony Beynon’s interviews with the Wrecks (#386), Frau (#380), and Downtown Boys (#385); Greg Harvester’s interrogation of the enigmatic Mothers News and Layla Gibbon’s riotous conversation with punk-pastry chef (and now vegan burger pusher) Brooks Headley (#379); G.L.O.S.S.’s shit-talking session with Ari Perezdiez (#384); every inky page of the comics and art special (#383); Golnar Nikpour on Pig DNA and myself on In School side by side (plus Martin’s conversation with a Black Genius of the highest order, Spot!) (#382); Joe Briggs’s exhaustive London Scene Report (#385); Viktor Vargyai’s poetic punk propositions to Hysterics (#381) and Mystic Inane (#388); Sheer Mag (#387) and Flesh World’s (#386) meditations on the two cities I have most recently called home, timely and necessary reminders of the importance of existence as resistance.

I designed the covers for #380, #381, #384, #388 (and last night’s #389). I didn’t really know how to use Photoshop or InDesign when I arrived here. I still don’t, but now I am pretty good at faking it. 

We have a punk print special in the works, a photo and film issue on the horizon and the book and archive projects are moving along. I’m in the midst of interviewing Total Control, Not Normal Records and Tapes, Greg Benedetto, and my favorite Dutch hardcore group of all time. I am always tired but I am glad to be here.