♕  My Favourite TiarasDutch Star Button Tiara

This was the tiara that Queen Máxima wore in her wedding day. To create this piece it was used the base of the Pearl Button Tiara and some of Queen Emma’s diamond star brooches that she received as a wedding gift in 1879. The star buttons can be swapped for the pearl buttons, reversing the tiara to it’s original form. The star buttons can also be used as brooches or hair ornaments.


♕  My Favourite TiarasDutch Diamond Bandeau

This tiara was created, in 1937, for Queen Juliana. For the creation of this piece there were used some diamonds that her grandmother, Queen Emma, received as a wedding gift. The gems were set in a platinum frame. The result is a simple, but spectacular tiara. It seems to be one of Maxima’s favourite pieces.


The Marriage of (at the time) Prince Willem-Alexander and Maxima Zorreguieta

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