“As an LGBT person, I really want more LGBT characters out there, especially in comics. Putting more diverse characters on the page is something that I feel very passionate about. Orchestrating that over the five issues was challenging because you only have a certain number of pages. As much as we could, we tried to drop hints so that the readers would necessarily be so surprised when it happened; but more like, ‘Oh, actually that makes a lot of sense, because I’ve seen it in issues beforehand.’ So it was an intricate process.” - K. Perkins


Christening of Princess Ariane of the Netherlands: Ariane Wilhelmina Máxima Inés was baptised on October 20th, 2007. The Princess’s baptism was characterized for the joy of Ariane’s siblings and cousins: they covered their ears, screaming at the chanting chorus, and they threw pillows; one of them even tugged at the robes of the Minister. Princess Máxima tried to control the situation, but she failed.


A page from the final issue (#40) of the current run of Supergirl. While part of me is deeply cynical as to the timing of the character’s coming out, still it’s a surprisingly bold move to take Maxima, a character whose defining character point has been her ongoing quest for male breeding partners (and who once vehemently voiced her disgust at the idea of lesbianism) and reimagine her in this fashion.

I wonder if this version will survive next month’s Convergence to be seen again, and indeed which other characters will be added to DC’s slowly expanding roll call of queer (women) characters by the end of the month.