SO THIS IS WHAT THAT POST EARLIER WAS FOR, basically, i came up with an idea where the Magma and Aqua admins are Pokemon who all hang out/meet each other at a Day Care.

Maxie is a Miltank, and his trainer is a young woman whose parents run the Day Care; he’s basically their assistant and helps them with organizing and communicating with the Pokemon there since he’s such a good leader. His little paternal streak he has in ORAS comes out in full force here, as well; being a Miltank he has an instinct for taking care of people and Pokemon, and he does a lot to help the younger Pokemon who get dropped off. Tabitha is another assistant at the Day Care, though younger and a little less even-tempered, so he basically just helps Maxie with his duties, which he takes very seriously. He and Matt are always fighting, whether it’s serious or not, though at the end of the day they’re quite friendly with each other.
Matt, Shelly, Courtney, and Archie are all drop-offs! Shelly and Matt are good friends, and Shelly wants to be friends with Courtney (side note - Courtney’s kind of a Shiny, but not the right color - instead of having blue markings, she’s got her signature lavender color), but Courtney is very shy and keeps to herself - she hangs out with Maxie the most and often shadows him and Tabitha as they work with the Day Care folks. Shelly and Matt are also somewhat of a pair of troublemakers, though they aren’t focused until Archie comes along.
Archie, who is specifically a shiny Zangoose, is a new arrival who was freshly caught by a trainer and promptly dropped off at the Day Care when it became clear that he didn’t want to do battle. Archie is his up-beat, enthusiastic self, and takes a lot of amusement in being a rule breaker and generally undermining Maxie’s authority by giving Matt and Shelly some direction.

also yes, it’s a hardenshipping-centric AU. OF COURSE IT IS.

Hardenshipping idea

Need a comic/rp where Team Magma invades Team Aqua’s base for intel or something. Courtney goes off to grab the intel while Maxie and Tabitha oversee the expedition. A couple of grunts see them and Maxie wipes the floor with them in a Pokemon battle because no duh, he’s awesome <3

Throwing all rules aside, the aqua grunts are frustrated at their loss and decide to punch Maxie in the face and rough him up a bit. Archie runs over in the chaos of the base being invaded, seeing Maxie with a bloody nose and his glasses cracked and some bruises while he’s on the floor and stuff while Tabitha is holding out his arms and trying to defend him.

Archie gets really upset because even though they are enemies, ‘that’s not how ya fight!!’ and rambles about how just because people see them as a bad gang doesn’t mean they ‘should’ be, their goal is to after all, make the world a better place, not beat up nerds!! Proceed with the fluff and Tabitha acting like a possessive cat as Archie apologizes and gives Maxie back his glasses and such <3


A: “Hah! We may run a blog together, but don’t let that give ya any ideas! I’ll never buy into the garbage this guy spews about ~expanding the land~ and ~my precious volcanoes~.”

M: “Hmm… I don’t think you’re helping the situation one bit, you buffoon. No, we, nor our affiliated teams, are not “together” or “allied” in any sense… We simply have recognized the benefits we will share from being ‘Hip’ and creating a ‘Tumbler Blog’.”

NOTE: This is an estimation based on approximation.

If Archie is 5’7 (based off ORAS but it seems that it could be 5’9) then based on the RIP Models from MMD Maxie is a lot shorter. XD

With 5’7 Archie, Maxie is about 5’3 but if Archie is 5’9 then Maxie is a few inches taller from 5’4 to 5’5?

Either way Maxie is short there is no denying that.


Description: After the events of Fire! Maxie wonders if they’re doing the right thing for Violet. 

They had gotten totheir next safe house without any trouble. They had to clean up and dust off a few things when they got there. And of course when they had originally made this place it was before they had Violet. So they didn’t have anything for her. They would have to call Matt again so he could make more furniture. Violet had just about out grown what they had for her at the last place. But for now she would just sleep with them. Honestly after what happened none of them minded very much.

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