Dear Fic’ers

I have a few Turnadette prompts for you guys 😏

- Patrick walking in the delivery room the moment Shelagh asks him to come in after their ‘duet’ - I need closure on the moment he walked in! How did he greet her? Did he kiss her? Did he tell her she was doing great? What did Shelagh do? Cling to him? How did they get on the bed???

- The day after their son is born - Patrick or Shelagh walking in on the other person singing their song to baby

- A dance (ep 3x08 just ain’t enough) (and preferably with baby (and to ‘Secret Love’))

- Patrick helping Shelagh to get clean, getting her in the bath, cleaning up all the blood, and just being a really good husband

- Shelagh giving the baby breastmilk!!!!!!

- Timothy and Angela meeting their brother for the first time!!!!!1!

Thank you in advance I love you all! Let’s get trough this hiatus together. As you can see I already can’t handle it

A New Arrival [Part 4] (Turnadette Fanfiction)

{Part 1}  {Part 2}  {Part 3}

This season of Call the Midwife has gone by so fast, it seems like just a week ago 6x01 aired and now it is the day of the Series Finale. I have really enjoyed writing these speculation fics and I am very thankful for y’all’s continuous support. I am going to miss writing these so much, but I have other stories that I am excited to write about during the long hiatus. Hope y'all enjoy and it makes the waiting less painful!!

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