Fortress Maximus/Ambulon Fanfic

@general-grey has fantastic headcanons that need to be written!! 

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“You look good, pet,” Ambulon sat in his desk chair, for once he was pitched above Fortress Maximus and had the rare benefit of looking down on the gargantuan mech, who was on his knees, sheepishly casting his gaze to the floor, cancelling Ambulon’s view.

The top of Fortress Maximus’s head wasn’t nearly as attractive to look at as his face. Ambulon’s hand snapped out and his clicked his fingers. The crispness of the sound jerked Fortress Maximus’s head up instantly. His eyes were huge, the bell hidden in the fluffiest pompom hanging from Max’s neck jingled and Ambulon chewed his lips.    

“Let me know if that collar starts to feel too tight, won’t you?”

Fort Max nodded, his elbows were tucked in at his sides, hands dangling. The position made Ambulon wonder if Max was drawing on his own creativeness, or if he’d been taught by another master. A crawling feeling walked down Ambulon’s spine, he shrugged himself free of the sensation then pointed at his feet.

“Come here,” Ambulon commanded.

“In what way?” Fortress Maximus eyes deadened somewhat. The listlessness of his expression made Ambulon’s throat tighten.

“The way we spoke about,” 

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