First look at Margot Robbie in Terminal, a noir thriller penned and directed by Vaughn Stein.

The project follows the story of two hit-men (played by Max Irons and Dexter Fletcher) as they embark on a borderline suicide mission for a mysterious employer and a large paycheck. Along the way, the unlikely pair discover that a dynamic woman named Annie (Robbie) may be more involved than they had originally suspected. Simon Pegg and Mike Myers round out the cast.

INTP, INFJ: plan(c)king
  • INTP and INFJ are doing a workout in fitness class
  • INTP:so if you do planks and hold them for the same number of seconds every time, are your planck's constant?
  • INFJ:*trying to hold a plank* pfFT PLEASE STOP I'M TRYING TO EXERCISE
  • INTP:don't worry, only 6.626 × 10^-34 seconds to go
  • INFJ:*falls*

Clip: Santa Gnarbara Outlaw 2012

by LongNeckGiraffeFilms


WHAT’S ON: Oranbeg NET 10 web exhibition, curated by SC SculptureNotebook Featured Artist Max Marshall of The Latent Image.

Featuring Collin Avery, Roxana Azar, Sergiy Barchuk, Michael Bussell, Casey James Wilson, Corey Olsen and Robin Myers

Download PDF


Here is a little sneak peak of Oranbeg NET 10 our first  annual where there is no open call and the guest curator/curators seeks out artists for the online exhibition and PDF. 

Curated by Max Marshall and featuring  Collin AveryRoxana AzarSergiy BarchukMichael BussellCasey James WilsonCorey Olsen and Robin Myers.

Oranbeg NET 10 will be released 10/10/14

Also on 10/11/4 the Open Call for Oranbeg NET 11: The Poetic Narrative with curators Ashley Kauschinger and Ethan Fogus will begin! Stay Tuned

Myers Briggs as The Wives from Mad Max: Fury Road...

ESFP: The Dag

ESTP: Toast the Knowing

ISFP: Cheedo the Fragile

ISTP: Toast the Knowing

ESFJ: Cheedo the Fragile

ESTJ: The Splendid Angharad

ISFJ: Cheedo the Fragile

ISTJ: The Splendid Angharad

ENFJ: The Splendid Angharad

ENFP: Capable

INFJ: Capable

INFP: The Dag

ENTJ: The Splendid Angharad

ENTP: The Dag

INTJ: Toast the Knowing

INTP: Capable