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Omg I love your posts!! I'm so glad I found it!! Your artworks are amazing! Where do you get your ideas when you draw?? I also love your headcannons, I've read all of them. I've got an idea but you don't need to do it! I'm question is what kind of lovers are the bladebreakers? *.*

Thank you so much <3 I honestly don’t even make much art and for the most part, I believe it to be really shoddy but thank you so much <3

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As for what kind of lovers they are, here goes! (also, please note that I’m considering the characters to have become adults while making the headcanons. Also, I don’t get into NSFW details, so I hope that’s okay.)

Takao: Oh, he’s got no friggin’ clue as to how to be romantic. He’s inexperienced and mostly clumsy since he’s been a bit of a late bloomer and he has no idea about what moves to put on or what to do for the most part. But Takao learns fast and he learns well. So while anyone dating him would have to be very patient, he certainly makes sure that it is worth the wait.

Kai: Wham-bam-thank you ma’am (and/or sir). That’s Kai, in a nutshell. He’s definitely aromantic (it’d take a lot for him to fall in love, if ever. I don’t see him getting romantically involved as such), but he’s definitely bisexual or pansexual, with a preference for men. And he doesn’t do relationships.

Rei: He’s a natural, Mr. Perfect and a full on perfectionist too. What he does, he does well and his girl definitely can’t get enough of it. He’s romantic af, and boy, does he know what women want. 

Max: Max knows what he’s doing. Unlike Rei, he does not go full on romantic. He doesn’t pull cliches. Max likes doing things unconventionally (no, stop thinking what you are). Like, he won’t give his girlfriend a bouquet of flowers, he’d give her a bouquet of fries. He wouldn’t invite her to a dinner date, he’d invite her camping. And of course, the guy is more experienced at his stuff than his teammates, and women (and occasionally, the experimental man for our bicurious blonde lad here) love him for it.

Hope this is fine!