Max Chilton

I was watching BBC’s Top Gear this morning when this guy came on the screen and I was like, “WHO IS THAT?!?!!!”  So I HAD to investigate this MOST important issue.  

This is Tom Chilton.  He is a British race car driver. 

Then I ran across this picture……from Cosmopolitan Magazine

But THEN I saw that he has a brother Max, who is also a race car driver………

Good lord.


Tackling the Indianapolis 500 with Race Car Driver Max Chilton

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IndyCar driver Max Chilton (@maxchilton) knew he wanted to be in the racing business when he was just 8 years old. “My brother was already racing cars at the time,” Max says. “The smell of the burning rubber and the sound of the cars when I went to watch made me want to have a go.” Now 25, the rookie from Reigate, England, is set to compete in his first Indianapolis 500 (@indianapolismotorspeedway) after a successful stint as a Formula One driver in Europe. “I am fortunate enough to have already competed in two of the three biggest races in the world, Le Mans 24 Hours and the Monaco Grand Prix,” Max says. “I am now adding the fastest one of the three to that. The #Indy500 is the one all racing drivers want to win.”