Maverick (1994) Sentence Starters:
  • Oh, you sure do pick the spots.
  • Well look at this. Here’s a lot of money and your gun is six feet away.
  • How’d she - how’d she figure that?
  • Oh, white man been doing it for years.
  • You can’t help it can you? You are irresistible.
  • So, are you gonna miss me?
  • Then maybe His Largeness be interested in greatest Western thrill of all?
  • Great!  What’s in it for me if I die?
  • I don’t like being teased.
  • My shirt is ruined!
  • Why - Why not? I’d be too frightened. God knows what parts of me you’d steal. I’d wake up with all sorts of things missing.
  • Your security isn’t worth a damn. *Everybody’s* got a gun.
  • Time to go for a swim.
  • I’ll kill you!  You’ll be dead and I’ll be happy!
  • When she was born, she came out backwards and no one noticed. Hell, when she was little, her parents had to tie a pork chop around her neck so the dog would play with her. When she’s making love, she has to pretend SHE’S someone else!
  • Oh, nothing. I try and shoot one a day, if possible, before noon. How ‘bout you?
  • I’m getting too old for this shit.
  • Lord… whatever I’ve done to piss you off… if you could just get me out of this and somehow let me know what it was I promise to rectify the situation.
  • Well, now, I bring all sorts of plusses to the table. I hardly ever bluff and I never ever cheat.
  • What kind of animal are you?
  • How do you know he was nice? We don’t know anything about him. The only thing he’s got in his wallet is a bunch of names of whorehouses.
  • You held your breath. If you’d been excited, you would have started breathing harder.
  • From the moment I slapped eyes on this hombre, I smelled trouble. And re-fried beans.
  • If I can’t touch you, I can touch your shirt and dream.
  • You thought that was fast? I thought it was fast. Well was it?
  • Why does everybody always ask me that?
  • My old pappy always used to say, “there is no more deeply satisfying religious experience… than cheatin’ on a cheater.”
  • What, we’re going to quibble over fine points?
  • Almost got hung once myself. Didn’t care for it much.
  • Now from the looks of things, I’ll have the lady come in with some more hot water.

His head tilts are killing me. ##Maverick


Big jump from the Edsel to Ford Maverick…still, this 1976 survivor is worth a look, even for a 4-door.  It looks to be loaded, with AC, power steering and power brakes.  The engine (A little inline 6.) and engine bay is really clean as well.  It has been bid up to $2300 with 4 days left.

The litmus test of a genuine maverick is whether his eccentricity is incidental. The genuine eccentric does not consider himself eccentric; he thinks the rest of the world odd for persevering with its irrationalities. The true maverick feels the overwhelming need to do his work, enjoying moments of recognition along the way. The pseudo-maverick craves constant adulation, resenting the way work interrupts. Mario Balotelli has nothing in common with Eric Cantona.
—  Ed Smith, ‘Maverick or phoney: why Balotelli has nothing in common with Cantona’, New Statesman