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01. Full name: Maurice ????
02. Best friend: He doesn’t really have any actually. Though Sheldon would kinda be considered one? Though Sheldon sees him as a nuisance 
03. Sexuality: Straight
04. Favorite color: Orange
05. Relationship status: Single
06. Ideal mate: He’s not really looking at the moment. He’s too into his own work before he worries about that. 
07. Turn-ons: He’s not gonna reveal that
08. Favorite food: Rice, anything involving rice
09. Crushes: None at the moment
10. Favorite music: Anything that comes on the radio or on his phone while he’s working on his own weapons.
11. Biggest fear: not making it to the tops with the rejected weapons he’s made so far
12. Biggest fantasy: Seeing all the fresh squids and Octos using his weapons
13. Bad habits: He goes overboard with his ideas which have resulted in inksplosions in his workshop 
14. Biggest regret: None so far! He has made mistakes, but he sees it as progress
15. Best kept secrets: When he really gets into a song, he sometimes dances around his workshop and at times use an empty rice box as a dance partner
16. Last thought: “Man I could go for some rice”
17. Worst romantic experience: He has no romantic experience yet.
18. Biggest insecurity: He gets paranoid at times that someone will try to steal his prototypes, so he has security cameras around his home.
19. Weapon of choice:  Refurbished Mini Splatling
20. Role Model: Sheldon cause of all the weapons he’s created and sold. Maurice hopes to make it to that league and beyond some day.


“A slow nature such as Maurice’s appears insensitive, for it needs time even to feel. Its instinct is to assume that nothing either for good or evil has happened, and to resist the invader. Once gripped, it feels acutely, and its sensations in love are particularly profound. Given time, it can know and impart ecstasy; given time, it can sink to the heart of Hell.” – Maurice by E.M. Forster