maurevar carver taught malcolm hawke how to wield a two-handed blade. and malcolm knew, when carver wasn’t a mage, that he’d teach his son how to fight just the way his friend had taught him, starting off with a wooden sword when carver was too small to hold a real one, and so, so proud of how fast carver learned, how steadfastly he wanted to protect the people he loved, just like his namesake.


hawkeward: tumblr / AO3 / original TFAB post

Maurevar Carver is nothing more than a name in DA2, but hawkeward’s skill and passion have made more of him than most of us could ever have imagined.  There is also the fact that his name could apply equally well to all of hawkeward’s work, art and fic and meta (which covers a broad range of topics, from desire demons to sith to, of course, templars and mages); it is “skill thoughtfully applied” indeed.

Malcolm carries the shape of it in his head and heart long before he carves it out of supple blond wood and carries it in his hands. Worn smooth with use, it is a walking stick, a weapon, a badge of honor—the mark of a mage even as it marks the freedom he has made for himself. He carries it as he carries his children, sprawled across broad shoulders sturdy enough for burdens and joys alike. When illness finally robs him of skill and strength and breath, it stands vigil within the reach of hands now too weak to hold it. And at the last, his daughter carries it away from his grave.