Maureen Lipman

Red Queen Dream Cast

Mare: Sofia Black-D'Elia
Cal: Matthew Daddario
Maven: Jordy Baan
Evangeline: Cara Delevingne
Ptolemus: Lucky Blue Smith
Elane: (India Eisley)
Iris: Tanaya Beatty
Farley: Diane Kruger
Shade: Shawn Mendes (a singer I know) or Avan Jogia
Kilorn: Austin Butler
Elara: Katheryn Winnick or Elizabeth Banks
Tiberias VI: Sean Bean or Russell Crowe
Anabel: Maureen Lipman

(Btw some of the ages aren’t right; I chose the actors and actresses because of their look.) @vaveyard


CBeebies Grown-Ups

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Tom Hardy reads New Year CBeebies Bedtime Story

Tom Hardy is to read a CBeebies Bedtime Story to little ones across the country this New Year’s Eve.

He tells the tale of a boy going to a party as he reads You Must Bring a Hat, by Simon Philip and Kate Hindley.

Little ones, and the grown-ups, can see more of Tom later in the new year when he reads more CBeebies Bedtime Stories. Tom was joined by his dog Woodstock for the filming.

Tom joins the list of celebrities who have presented a CBeebies Bedtime Story, including Emilia Fox, Damian Lewis, David Tennant, Tim Peake, Nadiya Hussain, Warwick Davis, Derek Jacobi, Maxine Peake, James McAvoy and David Hasselhoff.

Other CBeebies Bedtime Stories over Christmas and the New Year will be read by Isla Fisher, Maureen Lipman, Justin Fletcher, Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes.

CBeebies Bedtime Stories is on CBeebies every day at 6.50pm.

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Oklahoma! | Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’
Hugh Jackman, with Maureen Lipman, in the 1999 Royal National Theatre production

Music: Richard Rodgers
Lyrics & Book: Oscar Hammerstein II

Track 20
Maureen Lipman

 Missing You By Penelope Shuttle

(verses 1, 2 and 21)

read by Maureen Lipman


This year no-one will ask how you voted,

or if you know the way to town

No-one will call you as an eye-witness

or teach you how to train a bird of prey

No-one will bring you your New Scientist,

try to sell you double-glazing

or tell you their secrets

People will write to you

but you won’t answer their letters

The high sheriff of mistletoe

will never catch your eye again

No-one will peel apples for you,

or love you more than you can bear

No-one will forget you


I wept in Tesco,


and in Boots

where they gave me

medicine for grief

But I wept in Asda,

in Woolworths

and in the library

where they gave me

books on grief

I wept in Clarks

looking in vain for shoes

that would stop me weeping

I wept on the peace march

and all through the war

I wept in Superdrug

where they gave me

a free box of tissues

I wept in the churches,

the empty empty churches,

and in the House of Commons –

they voted me out of office


I’ve lived with your death for a year,

that despot death, that realist,


as if I’ve just given birth to a foal,

or made an enemy of the rain

All at once

you had more important things to do

than to live

Death is the feather in your cap,

the source of your fame,

my darkest lesson

This dropout year closes,

I begin my second year without you,

just me and the paper-thin world