Maura Dorthea Isles

i don’t understand how anyone could not just completely adore maura dorthea isles and everything that she is and does, seriously.

  • she is so enthusiastic and beautifully excited about the tiniest things in life that it’s a lesson for us all
  • she is so incredibly honest and has such integrity that she breaks out in hives whenever she tells a lie
  • she carries on seeing the absolute best in everything and everyone despite having her heart broken and nearly being killed by countless jackasses
  • she buys Jane’s favourite products for her and encourages her to move in with her while jane recovers from surgery
  • she tries to plan fun things for her and jane to do and gets so hyper about them even cynical jane eventually caves in to giggles
  • she gave her half-sister a fucking kidney despite the vicious things that she said to her
  • she forgave Hope (her biological mother) after she completely insulted and rejected her
  • she offered for Angela to stay in her guesthouse when she had nowhere else to go
  • she sacrificed her relationship and pushed aside her feelings for jack so that he could be with his daughter
  • she feels compassion for paddy despite everything that he’s done
  • she tries to look out for Tasha and makes sure that she gets into a good school and THEN finds a way to establish a trust fund that both honours Frost and benefits Tasha
  • and like a bajillion more things that make my heart melt every single episode. 

why on earth would ANYONE be ok with the fact that she is given increasingly less screen time and made into a caricature. i am so fucking not okay with this shit.