Maura Dorthea Isles


Name: Jane Clementine Rizzoli

Vocation: Homicide Detective, Boston Police Department

Family: Angela Rizzoli (mother)
           Frank Rizzoli (father)
           Frankie (Jnr) Rizzoli (brother)
           Tommy Rizzoli (brother)

Relationship Status: Supressed Lesbian Relationship with Doctor Maura                                         Dorthea Isles. 

Other Notes: Stunning, Brave, Beautiful, Strong, Street Smart.

“ Dr. Maura Dorthea Isles, you’re under arrest for stealing my heart. You have the right to remain silent and kiss me.” – Detective Jane Clementine Rizzoli

I think it’s sweet when Jane proposes to Maura in front of their family. The answer is quite clear. But, hey! Maura, are you really ready to marry a cop who is married her job? Oh, okay you work together.