Matty McKibbon




Andrew was born into a very well-known family in Seattle, Washington. His parents own and run one of the biggest finance companies in the state and they have spend their entire adult lives working up their company and name and it has certainly paid off in a huge way. Most of the other big name companies handle their finances through Andrew’s parents and those that don’t, at least know the name and quality of the firm. Quality is something that has always been important to his parents and they have tried to instill that same value into all of their children.

As the oldest of three kids, Andrew has always felt a bit of a responsibility to do well and to make his parents proud. Since he’s the oldest and a man, his father decided the moment he was born that he was destined to take over the family business and continue running it successfully when he and his wife were no longer able to. He’s been telling Andrew ever since he was a kid that he was going to run the family someday and that he was proud of him (even though he hadn’t done anything yet).

That kind of pressure can definitely weigh on a kid, especially when it just gets worse and more prevalent as you age. One night, when Andrew’s father was talking to him about finances and was getting frustrated because his son wasn’t understanding a concept, Andrew had a breakdown. It was a full mental breakdown with tears and screaming, things were thrown and broken and Andrew had no idea how to control himself. His parents wrote it off as a bad night but from then on, Andrew could tell there was something off about him.

One moment he would be filled with energy and joy to the point where he felt like he had to do something crazy and fun or he’d lose the moment. He because impulsive and spontaneous when he was in these moods. Unfortunately, there were moods in between all of the hyper ones where Andrew was down lower than he’d ever been. He wouldn’t even be able to get out of bed and he’d have no feeling of purpose for the entire day or longer. He knew there was something wrong with the way he was acting and he knew it was time to take control of his life again.


Andrew started seeing a therapist when he was seventeen years old. He explained to him everything that had been happening to him and everything that led up to the change and the therapist told him that he thought the breakdown he had in his father’s office brought on the symptoms of bipolar disorder. When he heard this, Andrew was shocked and scared for so many reasons. He didn’t understand why the symptoms were only just now popping up and why he didn’t know he had it earlier. He was terrified to talk to his parents about it, so he stopped seeing his therapist and pretended like everything was okay.

After a week or two without talking to anyone about his diagnosis, it was obvious that there really was a problem and it needed to be addressed. He’d had more manic and depressive episodes since he found out he was bipolar and they were getting to be too much to handle. He sat down with his parents and filled them in on everything even though he was terrified of what their reaction would be, specifically his father’s.

Fortunately for him, his parents were nothing but supportive and even a bit apologetic. His dad realized that he’d been putting too much pressure on Andrew and his mother agreed that he needed to find some help. They went back to Andrew’s therapist as a family to discuss their options. He suggested Worthington Academy because even though they were located across the country, he would find the help he needed there. It was a tough decision to make, but they all agreed that it would be his best shot to begin the healing process.

Andrew is finishing out his high school career at Worthington and thanks to the medication that the therapists here have him on, he feels much more normal and regulated as far as his moods go. He’s stopped retreating from people and begun to make new friends as he’s gotten more comfortable and he, unlike many of the students sent here against their will, enjoys the school and the life on campus. He is very personable most of the time and even though he still has his manic/depressive episodes now and then, he knows how to handle them much better and is happy to be living somewhat normally once again.


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