Retired Marine Corps General James Mattis, former head of U.S. Central Command, is a real, bonafide badass. In fact, if you parachuted him unarmed onto an island inhabited by psychotic ninja robots, he would get more kills than famed Scottish warrior William Wallace.

There was rumors of a story that shows Mattis has a compassionate side to him. The story goes that Mattis stood duty on Christmas back when he was a brigadier general so that a younger Marine could spend the holiday with his family.

Since the privilege of rank makes it extremely rare for general officers to pull duty for their subordinates, the story seems extremely unlikely…to say the least.

However, we were was able to find out what happened from retired Marine Gen. Charles Krulak, who was commandant when the story took place. Every Christmas during his tenure, Krulak delivered cookies to every Marine duty post around Washington and Quantico, Va.

Back in 1998, he was making his final delivery to Marine Corps Combat Development Command headquarters at Quantico when he asked the Marine on duty who the officer of the day was.

“The young Marine said, ‘Sir, it’s Brigadier General Mattis.’”

Krulak thought the Marine had misunderstood him, so he asked again, but he got the same answer.

“I looked around the duty hut and in the back, there were two cots: One for the officer of the day and one for young Marine. I said, ‘OK, let me cut through all of this: Who was the officer who slept in that bed last night?’

“And the Marine said, ‘Sir, Brigadier General Mattis.’”

At that moment, Mattis walked around the corner.

“So I said to him, ‘Jim, what are you standing the duty for?’ “And he said, ‘Sir, I looked at the duty roster for today and there was a young major who had it who is married and had a family; and so I’m a bachelor, I thought why should the Major miss out on the fun of having Christmas with his family, and so I took the duty for him.”

Never before or since has Krulak run into a general officer standing duty on Christmas Day.

“I think it says volumes about Jim Mattis and his leadership style,” Krulak said. “He did it very unobtrusively. He just took the duty.”

Gen. Mattis who famously said he enjoys shooting the Taliban, so no one is going to call him a softie. But by standing duty so that a young Marine could spend Christmas with his family, he showed you don’t have to be heartless to be a leader. But don’t expect him to pull that stuff on Presidents Day.



Blythe Harbor Lite is a CC-free save in which I’ve filled all of the Willow Creek lots with my own creations. Most of the lots are ones I have already shared, but I’ve made edits to several of them to improve them or make them CC-free. I’ve also built two brand new lots - a community park and a spa/gym. The links below go to my original posts of the lots, so they’re going to look a little different in the Blythe Harbor Lite save. I’ve listed any edits I made in parentheses.

There are only two Sims of my own in this save - Geneva and Gene Carroll, who are brother and sister and own the Retail and Restaurant lots. Feel free to have them sell the lots if you want your Sims to own them. I left all of the Willow Creek EA-made Sims as unplayed townies, but you can delete them in the Manage Households panel if you don’t want them in your game. I didn’t do anything with Oasis Springs or Windenburg, so all of those lots are intact, and the EA-made Sims still live in their houses. Magnolia Promenade and Newcrest are also untouched.

Feel free to do whatever you want with this save! Delete lots, renovate them, move them around, etc. As I mentioned, no CC is required, but I did use stuff from all EPs/GPs/SPs through Kids Room Stuff (though I didn’t use much from that one). The EPs and GPs are the most important - if you don’t have those you might be missing windows, wallpaper, and landscaping here and there (which you can replace with whatever looks good to you! :)

(See the second-to-last pic for instructions on installing this save.)


Here is the list of lots - the numbers correspond to the numbering in the map pic:

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Barred Owl (Strix variaby Ken Mattison


Title: Hanna Barbera’s Top Cat

Series: Top Top Tales 2468

Characters: Top Cat, Benny, Choo Choo, Spook, Fancy Fancy, Brain, Officer Dibble

Creators: by Eileen Daly, Illustrated by The Mattisons

Year: 1963 Hanna Barbera Productions Inc.

Publisher(s): Whitman Publishing, (Western Publishing)

Story: Benny wins a trip aboard a ship and Top Cat and the rest of the gang sneaks aboard. There is also a crook who needs to be caught. 

Good/Bad: Great artwork. Great story.

Even though there is no subtitle to the title of the book like Top Cat: Ocean Voyage, it has a pretty great adventure outside the normal Top Cat parameters. The Top Cat Little Golden Book also has no subtitle, it is also just titled Top Cat. 


Hiram Mattison. Ptolemaic Theory of the Structure of the Universe, The Copernican System, Terrestrial and Celestial Spheres, Equator of the Heavens, The Solar System, Solar System and Sidereal Heavens, View of the Solar System, Perpendicular View of the Rings of Saturn, Telescopic View of Saturn, The Sun. An Astronomy: In Which the Descriptive, Physical, and Practical are Combined, with Special Reference to the Wants of Academies and Seminaries of Learning. 1859.


My name is Mattison, but just call me Matti if you’d like. 19. Montana. Looking for a cute girl who I can have deep conversations with. Let’s get high and go on adventures, or talk on the phone till we fall asleep. Not looking for something serious, but if it happens that’s alright with me ahah.✌🏻btw I have two adorable dogs that I can snap you pictures of. Just so you know 😛 @live-in-peace73 my blog is kinda depressing, just warning you now.

dylansaunders: Back for a San Francisco homecoming honoring Craig Slaight and his 29 incredible years as an educator and director at the Young Conservatory at @actsanfrancisco. I was lucky to call him a teacher, a mentor, and a friend during a pivotal time in my youth, and beyond. I’m glad you instilled a love of art, theatre, professionalism, craft, and community in this kid when you did, because it absolutely changed my life. “But then I remembered about my call and kept on going somehow.”


Hiram Mattison. Saturn’s Orbit, Venus as Morning and Evening Star, Telescopic View of the Moon, Geocentric and Heliocentric Longitude, Night Scene upon Saturn, Sun’s Apparent Motion Around the Ecliptic, Plane of the Ecliptic, Direct and Retrograde Motions, Retrograde Motion of the Exterior Planets, Light Proceeding from Water, Shadows of the Planets. An Astronomy: In Which the Descriptive, Physical, and Practical are Combined, with Special Reference to the Wants of Academies and Seminaries of Learning. 1859.

Here’s a fairly up-to-date map of Blythe Harbor, my New England-y makeover of Willow Creek (pardon the goofy colors - I tried to do a layered shot like Jools, but my Paint.NET skills are not up to scratch). 

Also, this shot is a bit misleading, because while it looks like I’m practically done filling up the town, several of these lots are still works-in-progress. 

Links to pics and some babbling below!

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Krista: Welcome to your first day at The Chowder House! Your job is to wash dishes and chat with the customers.

Maria: Are you the head cook? Aren’t you, like…15 years old?

Krista: 16. But we don’t have a head cook. Everyone just cooks whenever they want.

Maria: I see. Do I need a uniform? 

Krista: Nah! You’re good. Your clothes are gonna get stinky no matter what, so…

(Testing out Zerbu’s Turbo Careers mod. At first I thought Krista was the only other staff member because she was the only one wearing a uniform. I think the reason for that is because she’s actually in the teen career of Barista, and it uses the same venue as the Culinary career. I was a bit dismayed to see that Maria didn’t change into a uniform, but I can’t remember if you even get a uniform at Level 1. I’m going to try Zerbu’s Custom Career Outfits mod to see if I can adjust that.)