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Ducktails, “Killin’ the Vibe (ft. Panda Bear)”

Real Estate guitarist Matthew Mondanile can’t seem to avoid making music that I really love. His guitar tone feels pretty distinct at this point, warm and shapeless, seeming to float away as he plays. His work on this solo project and with Real Estate always strikes me as such fantastic summer music, but I end up listening to it year round. It still hasn’t gotten old to me, and I hope it never does.  


Ducktails Perform “Under Cover” - Live at LPR


sooo good.

Ducktails & Panda Bear- Killin’ the Vibe



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Matt Mondanile, what a man. I love this band so much. Ducktails: This guitarist from, one of my favourites as well, ‘Real Estate’ did not seise to amaze, even on the newest album “Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics”

I chose this music video, Ducktails - Hamilton Road, because, for my project (suddenly remembering what this blog was ACTUALLY made for) I have to write a descriptive piece in one of my posts.

One thing that this music video does NOT lack is the use of textures. Beautiful organic textures, cheap pink and funky textures, real life textures. Things we see everyday but forget how comforting they may to us sometimes. This is a jamming track, flowing from one point to the other and almost never stopping. The way the 'band’ moves in the video whilst playing their instruments, bobbing their heads, letting their hair go, being all comfy on a heap of grass, is almost exactly what I felt like doing when I first heard this track.

Eye-catching features like one of the members (the leading member aka “The Duck” to be exact) standing in front of a shop with his hands in the air and a man on a skateboard passing by makes this music video very entertaining.

The track itself is very jumpy, vibey, happy in spirit. The voice fits this type of music perfectly, sounding drained yet relaxed. This track puts my day in a great mood.

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Martin Courtney - Vestiges

Real Estate grubu üyelerinden Matthew Mondanile, Ducktails grubunda yer alırken, Alex Bleeker da Alex Bleeker & The Freaks grubuyla yan projelerini sürdürüyorlar.

En son da, grubun önadamı Martin Courtney, solo kariyerine başlayınca gruptan herkesin bir yan projesi olmuş oldu.

Daha önce 2010′da bir toplama albüm için solo kayıt yapan Courtney, Woods grubu üyesi Jarvis Taveniere’nin bas çalıp, prodüktörlüğünü yaptığı ve yine Woods üyesi Aaron Neveu’nun davulda yer aldığı Vestiges kaydını paylaştı.

Kendi internet sitesinde, turnede olmadığı 1 buçuk yıl boyunca Taveniere ile yeni şarkılar üzerine çalıştıkları açıklayan Courtney’den yakında bir albüm haberi gelmesi muhtemel görünüyor.

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