You had missed him so much, he had been on tour for months. You decided to go stay with him for the last couple weeks of his tour. Walking up to his hotel door you begin to get nervous; what if he isn’t happy to see me? Shaking the thought out of your head, you bring my fist up and lightly knock on the door. As soon as Matt opened the door, his eyes lit up and a smile grew upon his cheek. Matt brought his arms tightly around your waist, enclosing you in one of his famous hugs. I truly missed this, you smiled

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Zoo Date-Matthew Espinosa Imagine

*Okay so new schedule starts today! I am bringing some old imagines I wrote so that they are on this blog. Sorry if they are bad cause they are very very old. New stuff soon enough. Love you guys. Oh and if you could send in requests for imagines or blurbs and stuff, I will be doing them Wednesday!*

I have been dating Matthew Espinosa for about two years now and I wouldn’t trade the relationship we have for anything. I hadn’t been up very long when he walked in the door. I live by myself in an apartment so he just comes and goes as he wants.

“Hey Matty.” I leaned against the kitchen counter

“GoodMorning Y/N. You feel like going out on a date today?” He was smiling really widely and I was guessing he wasn’t going to take me saying no.

“That sounds lovely but I need a little bit to get ready. I look horrible in the mornings.” I mumbled the last part walking into my bedroom.

“Y/F/N(your full name), you look absolutely beautiful in the morning. Your hair is messy, your cheeks pink, and you look adorable in your pajamas.” he walked behind me and started rocking back and forth with me in front of him. I turned around and kissed him lightly.

“ Thank you Matthew.” He smiled widely again and kissed my forehead.

“Anytime. Now go get ready and wear some casual clothes, BECAUSE WERE GONNA HAVE SOME FUN!” He yelled running out of my room.

Laughing I turned on the shower and started to get ready for our date. After my shower I got changed into a t-shirt and my favorite pair of jeans. I blow dried my hair and left it alone after I brushed it. I finished up in the bathroom and went find my phone and shoes.

“Babe I’m almost ready I just have to find my phone an-” I bumped into Matt and he handed me my phone and shoes.

“You ready now?” he asked smirking

I rolled my eyes but nodded anyways. We got into his car and started our journey. I never asked where we were going because Matt likes to surprise me even though its just a date. He is always surprising me in someway whether its random dates or gifts( which I tell him not to get me) he is always doing it. About 45 minutes later we pulled into the zoo parking lot.

I smiled at him and kissed his cheek. He parked and tried getting to my side of the car before I opened the door but he was a little too late. He pouted at me before locking the car.

“Don’t pout at me Matthew, and thank you for taking me to the zoo.”

“Well we haven’t gone in yet Y/N.”

He dragged me into the zoo(after paying of course) and over to the map.

“Where do you want to start first?” He asked scanning the map carefully, reading where everything is.

“Why don’t we start in the back and work our way up so we can see everything and don’t have to walk all the way back up when we want to leave.”

“Youre so smart Y/N/N(your nickname), that is a great idea. Lets get on the train.” ( I don’t know about anywhere else but there is a train you can ride at my zoo)

We got on the train and rode to the back of the zoo. We slowly made our way up stopping to look at all of the animals and take pictures. When we got back up to the front of the zoo Matt bought me a stuffed animal Panda Bear. I got him a Tiger the size of his head. We went back to my place and cuddled up on the couch.

“I love you Matty”

“I love you too Y/N.”