Matthew Weiner


Of all of them, Peggy is my favorite. I identify with her struggle. She is so earnest and self-righteous and talented and smart, but dumb about personal things. She thinks she’s living the life of “we.” But she’s not. And every time she turns a corner, someone says, “You’re not part of ‘we.’ ” “But you all said ‘we’ the other day.” “Yes, we meant, ‘we white men’.”

Matthew Weiner

I liked louis ck’s shows; I’ve paid a lot of money to see him live. I’ve written enough about mad men to fill entire volumes. I wish these shows had never been made.

our culture excuses predators and silences women because we think that we can’t do without the former and that we don’t need the latter. if the question were whether to sacrifice young women and men to the grotesque appetites powerful men as if they were some modern-day minotaur, and receive in exchange good, beautiful art, it would not be a bargain worth making. human decency is more important than art, even art that celebrates the best of our shared humanity.

but that is not the bargain we have before us. because we had louis ck, we lost countless women comics who knew they would never get ahead in a world that valorized a man like that. because we had mad men, we didn’t have the stories women like kater gordon and robin veith could have told with a fraction of matthew weiner’s platform. 

I understand people’s attachment to what is good about the art we do have, because it can be so good, but we don’t even know what we lost. we don’t know what the people we betrayed could have created. we don’t know what it would be like to experience art without the stain on our conscience.

these people are not your fallen heroes. they’re the people who stole from their victims, and from all of us, a better world.
‘Mad Men’s Marti Noxon Speaks Out Against Matthew Weiner: “I Believe Kater Gordon”
Marti Noxon, who was a consulting producer on AMC’s Mad Men, says she believes the sexual harassment allegations made by Kater Gordon against Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner. In a series of 12…
By Greg Evans

What is it with guys called Weiner and sexual harassment? 

Great to see so many women standing up for each other though. 

Now if only a few more men would stand up against their colleagues being sexually harassed. And I don’t just mean standing up for women, cases like Kevin Spacey prove that this isn’t just something women face. 

It isn’t just something actors face either, it’s something anyone deemed to have no or little power (often the young and inexperienced) can face. 

Like, I’m not actually surprised that a guy who constantly justified his antihero protagonist’s abusive behavior towards women* turned out to be a creep. It’s just that it would be nice if I was wrong occasionally.

*including grabbing Bobbie Barrett by the crotch, jfc. Remember when MW said she liked it?