rant time: criminal minds

here are a few things that have been bugging me lately. i just thought i would put them out there, incase some of you feel the same way. these are my opinions, not something you have to agree on, but something you should take into consideration and respect.

the first thing i want to talk about is the fact that hotch treats jj like everyone else, i mean what happened to that seemingly unbreakable bond they had in the earlier seasons? he was super protective of her, treated her like she was some hotshot profiler that he idolized, and even told her he respected her in front of the team. he didn’t do that with anyone else.

it’s like the writers forgot that the reason that their show worked was because of the way both the actors and their characters worked. now, the only relationships we see are morgan saying some overused innuendo type thing to garcia, maybe a little bit of reid being emotional and turning to jj, and perhaps even an emily mention from hotch.

i would like to note that the only reason morgan and garcia have this (now) gross, almost cringe-y relationship is because the fans love it. as someone who actually enjoyed the morgan/garcia relationship before, i feel i have every right to say how overused and disgusting it is now. the actors claim that their characters like brother and sister, which is fine, because, you know, aj cook and matthew gray gubler have also said the same about their characters. but what i would like to know is- would you go up to your brother and say, “spank me if i don’t solve this case”? no. didn’t think so.

another thing i would like to note is the paget/emily mentions. that was fine up until certain fans began to beg for mentions. like, i get it, your favourite character is gone. that sucks. it really does. but, harassing writers doesn’t make them want to write it in, it makes them feel like they have to write it in. if the actress wants to come back and have fun for a few episodes, that’s great. but if she’s coming back just to shut the fans up, there’s a big problem. you’re putting her happiness and her wants below yours. in my opinion, if you miss paget/emily, watch seasons 2-7. when you’re done that, read fanfiction about her. but don’t harass her, the writers, or people who don’t agree with your opinion. that is just wrong.

something else that bugs me is how certain relationships are overly-done and almost fantasized in the show. when you’ve written and produced a show for a decade, you start to know which characters and relationships are the fan favourites. having said that, the writers are very aware of the fact that morgan, reid, and prentiss are the favourite characters, and morgan/garcia, jj/reid, and hotch/prentiss are the favourite relationships. since they already know that, you don’t need to remind them. just because there aren’t enough fanfictions to fulfil your need for these characters, doesn’t mean you have to harass the writers to do it for you.

the writers are constantly writing in morgan/garcia fluff. that’s fine, but it’s not fine when it’s written in the context that they’re dating. they’re not. everyone knows that. each has a significant other, and they should probably tone it down because it’s just annoying now. i cringe every time i have to sit through them call eachother “baby boy” and “baby girl”.

as for jj and reid, the writers are constantly making reid emotional/hurt, which is okay once or twice, but it just gets boring when the same thing happens 4 seasons in a row. then, they make the fans get all emotional and treat him like their baby. that is so cringeworthy. they always make jj the person he runs to, and when it’s not her, it’s morgan. again, these are just overused storylines that get boring quickly. it seriously shocked me to see that jj actually went to reid with her ptsd problem, but what didn’t shock me was how quickly her ptsd was forgotten about. incase you didn’t know, ptsd is very serious. you can learn about it here . every problem reid’s had so far has been blown up and dealt with. all except one. his drug problem. now, that was only closed down because matthew (the actor who plays reid) didn’t want to continue with it. aj cook (the actress who plays jj) hasn’t had any say in whether or not any big storylines will be picked up again. that is only one of the things i don’t like about how they treat the men compared to the women on this show.

the last point i want to talk about is the way everything is so hyped up. like, they talk about it like it’s the next olympics, only to have it lead to disappointment. they made such a huge deal out of jj’s ptsd arc, only to have it completely disappear next episode. what will jj feel now that she’s pregnant again, after a miscarriage? what did reid do when he got home and had time to reflect on his day? did he call her up and talk to her? did he just cry? did he spend hours and hours researching it? these are things some of us actually want to see. these are what make them who they are. not dropping fantastic opportunities for storylines. that doesn’t help the show.

all in all, if i wrote this show, i would have made jj tell hotch about her miscarriage because they had such a wonderful relationship at the beginning of the show. it would’ve been really nice to see that they still have it after 10 years. i would’ve made her get a therapist for her ptsd. that way, it gives them a reason not to bring it up, but it still leaves a door open for when they’ve run out of ideas and want to jump back to her story. reid would get less emotional episodes, morgan and garcia would be less gross, hotch and jj would have a proper, intimate, yet professional relationship, and the only time emily gets mentioned is when jj skypes her or laughs at a funny text from her. you don’t have to mention her to make it feel like she’s still there. it can be as easy as laughing at a text, skyping her, or even someone (preferably jj and garcia) going to a bar to visit her when she’s visiting from london.

so, that’s my rant. you don’t have to agree, but you do have to respect it and take it into consideration.