PSA – “Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse” exists, and is unintentionally *hilarious*

In 2012, Mattel made a series of animated shorts about Barbie’s life.

In 2016, I saw it pop up on Netflix… saw it was rated two stars… and just had to see what it was like.

I was not disappointed.

It’s full of bizarre…


…inhuman faces.

It’s loaded with inexplicable moments, like-

-good ol’ Ken, with a pint of sherbet, inside a ventilation duct, getting kicked in the head…

…this weird woman getting tangled in wires while suspended over a pit of gigantic shoes…

…and, of course, what Barbie show would be complete without THIS classic scenario?


So, yeah – look it up on Netflix/YouTube, if you enjoy guys prancing in front of a million cardboard cutouts of themselves, or-

-dancing while making this face.

This glorious, glorious face.

You’re welcome, internet.