Matt is sitting alone in Josie’s, listening to the aftermath of all the shit that went down on the news and cursing himself for not being there for it. The door swings open and slams dramatically, and he sits back, interested but trying to look like he isn’t freaking out because WTF.

Natasha walks in with two SHIELD agents and she sits at the bar, immediately next to him.

“Can I help you?” He asks, a bit sassy and unamused. He’s had a rough time and once again, the world and city is under siege and he was helpless.

She also appears unamused. In fact, she’s all business.

“I know who you are, Matt Murdock,” she says.

He looks surprised but stays silent, allowing her to proceed.

She purses her lips in the way only she fucking can.

“What do you know about Black Sky?”

Matt only has a moment to look completely terrified and bewildered at the same time before the screen goes black and just like that-

We’re lined up for season 2 of Daredevil.


AU where your Natasha’s sister and your traveling with the doctor. Pietro takes an interest in you and that makes the doctor get a bit over protective.


Mapping the Geography of Poverty with @mattblack_blackmatt in California’s Central Valley

To see more scenes from the California Central Valley and learn more about The Geography of Poverty project, follow @mattblack_blackmatt on Instagram.

Photojournalist Matt Black (@mattblack_blackmatt) shares stark black and white images from the farmlands of California’s rural Central Valley, where he was born and raised.

“It just hasn’t seemed right for me to go to some far-flung place when there are so many stories and important things to do right around me,” he explains.

To convey the impact of years of drought and economic hardship, Matt launched the Geography of Poverty project on Instagram, where he weaves together a landscape of photos, census data and map coordinates.

“I’m trying to portray a certain environment, to build a world,” he continues. “The goal of the project is to quite literally put places on the map.”

As one of the founding members of EverydayUSA (@everydayusa), he now joins a dozen photographers who collaborate to share stories of life across the country. “Everyone is pursuing their own distinct thing,” says Matt, “but together the work is making a different sort of statement.”