‘C'mon Y/N, I gotta take you to your home’ he says and puts his arm under your shoulders to help walk
‘I don’t wanna go home I’m having fun’ you start laughing like the drunk girl you are.
'You’re so drunk’ he says and begins to laugh with you 'That’s why i’m taking you home’
'I don’t understand what you’re saying, but you’ve got nice lips, tho’ you say grabbing his face in your hand and squeezing his cheeks 'This is one of the reasons I’ve been crushing over you all this time’
'You what?’

The Vampire Diaries 6x22 Recap

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TVD finale spoilers/ rant below...

- Julie Plec killed just off the most interesting villain ever seen on the show in the most uninteresting way possible.

- Julie Plec bonded Elena’s life to Bonnie’s so either Bonnie would have had to sacrifice herself for Elena AGAIN, or all of Elena’s fans would be mad at Bonnie for leaving her in a coma when she had the power to fix it.  Talk about a lose-lose for a character who doesn’t deserve that…

- No closure for Alaric and no explanation of why Jo had to die except for a line about Kai not wanting twins to threaten his power (not that we were told how Kai knew they were twins…).  Not one of the dozen vampires in the room ran to Jo to give her their blood while she was clearly still alive.

- For those of you keeping score at home, Alaric is now only ¼ on living love interests.  

- That Delena dance was just ridiculous. 

- If you were going to waste 30 minutes on just having characters say goodbye to Elena, couldn’t you have made the finale 2 hours long so things that mattered could have happened?

- Dear Tyler - sorry you were stabbed in the abdomen with a huge shard of glass, were forced to kill the woman you loved, are back to being a werewolf that has to turn painfully every full moon, and got less than 5 minutes of screen time on your last ever episode.  Sucks, man.

- Does anyone care about Lily or Enzo?  I used to love Enzo and now it just seems like they’re sticking him onto any plotline that has a vacancy… Enzo is not a post it note.  

- What was with the time jump?  Are Caroline and Stefan together?  Is Bonnie making Damon pancakes?  Are Alaric and Jeremy teaming up to kill vampires across America because their love interests can’t seem to stay alive?

- They left Mystic Falls in the hands of Matt Donovan and expected it to turn out well.


Everyone is going on about the whole Elena thing and how she’s probably dead but did everyone just forget that Kai STABBED his sister Jo who is PREGNANT WITH TWINS?!?!

Vampire Diaries Preferences: They React To Your Death


She had lost the only person that helped her through everything. You were with her right from the beginning and now she just felt lost. She didn’t know what to do or who to turn to. She blocked everyone out and refused to talk to anyone else.


You were his best friend and the first person he befriended when he first came to Mystic Falls. He had never felt so alone and he didn’t know who to talk to. He felt an empty void in his heart and he felt like he had failed you in the worst possible way by not protecting you.


You were the only person that stood by him. You were the only person he could talk to. The only person that looked past all his issues and became his friend. He trusted you with hi life and he feels like he has failed you by not holing the end of his bargain. He began drinking excessively and none could stop him.


You were the person that had helped her understand her powers and was there with her every step of the way. You always supported her no matter what and now she has the lost the only person that kept her sane. He had no idea what to do and her powers were getting the best of her but none knew how to help like you did and now you’re gone.


You were her best friend. The person that stood by her whenever she had any issues and never judged her. What was she suppose to do now that you were gone? She felt alone and lost. The only person that ever seemed to understand her was you but now you’re gone.


You were the person that helped him through his first transformation ad understanding his abilities. He didn’t know how to react. You were with him every step of the way and now he’s lost the one person he could rely. You were always there to save him when needed but who was going to save him now that you were gone.


You were the person that helped him understand all the supernatural that was going on in Mystic Falls. Who was he supposed to turn to now? He felt lost and the only person who could help him was you. He blocked out everyone and just wanted to be alone to grieve your death.


You were the first person that he open up to. The first person he ever considered family. He felt like he failed you by not protecting you like you always protected him. He had none to turn to and he felt lost wondering around looking for a sign of you.


You were the only person that stood by his side even after his own family turned their back on him. You were the first person he ever loved, and you ripped away from him before he could show you the world. He blamed himself for your death and went on a rampage, killing everyone in his way.


You were the first person that ever showed him the meaning of love. You made him feel emotions none else ever had. He had no idea what to do when he lost you. He felt broken and wished he was back in Prison World as he had never meet you then.

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