Best Dressed: Met Gala Edition

 Justin Bieber 

 Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

 Michael B Jordan

Ansel Elgort 

 Matt Bomer

 Andy Cohen

Kendall Jenner

Bella Hadid


Dianna Agron

Queen Beyonce

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///aggressivelyignoresthemajorityofaou/// so uh dirty hipster au anyone?? 

(and cause i still get questions about whos who in the previous coffee shop drawing from left to right we have:wade, sam, matt, peter parker, foggy, steve, bucky, nat, clint, thor, vision, pepper, bruce, rhodey, tony, and then wanda and pietro in front)

This writing advice was so helpful that it deserved its own picture heading.

A huge part of writing is cause and effect, but when worrying about conflict, resolution, characters, the plot as a whole, and more, we tend to forget about this and our stories end up being described as “this happens and then this happens and then this happens…”

So a piece of writing advice from Matt Stone and Trey Parker addressing this completely changed the way I plot and I ended up flying through my outlines with full plots in a very short amount of time. Here’s the advice:

When you are outlining/summarizing your story, you should be able to put “because of this” or “therefore” between each scene/event.

This keeps the story going. It connects everything together to make it one narrative instead of a series of slightly connected short stories. Once you start describing your story as “this happens and then this happens”, then you’ve got a problem. Everything should transition easily in a connected narrative.

This might seem like an obvious thing, but I know a lot of writers, including myself, who tend to forget about it.