List of really good things about Rooster Teeth:

  • Geoff’s voice cracking
  • Gus yelling at people
  • Gavin calling people “idiot”
  • “Geoffrey Fink”
  • “Geoffrey Lazer Ramsey”
  • “Mad King Ryan”
  • JU BL
  • Michael’s laugh
  • Geoff’s laugh
  • Everybody’s laugh
  • RvB
  • Achievement Hunter
  • Every relationship to exist within that company ever
  • Rooster Teeth

AH/RT Meme » Eight Podcast Moments: #200 - Gus: I laugh when you say that, right, and I think a lot of listeners think like I’m laughing at you because you’re an idiot but no, I agree with you.  You’re right, the sky is bigger than the ground but it’s just such a weird fundamental thought I never would have thought of.

I’m in tears, this makes me so happy. Guillermo del Toro is a world renowned producer and director and he recognized Lazer Team for the amazing things Rooster Teeth can do. This movie wasn’t made to please any snobby film critic (looking at you, Roger Ebert; no one asked for your ½ star review), but an entire community of fans who loved what it turned out to be. This kind of recognition is so important because sometimes, we need to stop taking ourselves so seriously and enjoy a fun movie for what it is.