I can’t believe it, one of my favourite TV shows, #CovertAffairs has been recently cancelled. I remember when I first saw the advertisement on TV of who I have come to know as Annie Walker (played by @realpiperperabo) who was riding either up or down the escalator near the end of the promo. This show has brought me much joy; the friendship of Annie & Auggie from the first season, the tight bond between mentor and student (Joan & Annie), the bond between sisters (Danielle & Annie), Annie & Simon being in a relationship, Annie & Auggie finally getting together! (#1 moment EVER!), birth of baby Mack (Arthur & Joan’s son and Kari son in RL), McQuaid & Annie getting together and the mending of relationships (Joan & Arthur). It has also brought heartache; Auggie proposing to Parker, Lena’s betrayal (shooting Annie & Simon), the death of Teo (Arthur’s son) and the breakup of #Walkerson.

I would like to thank @thekarimatchett (Joan Campbell), @peter_gallagher (Arthur Campbell), @realnicbishop (Ryan McQuaid), @dylantayloreh (Eric Barber), @realpiperperabo (Annie Walker), @chrisgorham (Auggie Anderson), @hillharper (Calder Michaels), @nazneenc (Sydney/Stephanie Banks), @manolocardona (Teo Braga), #SarahClarke (Lena Smith), #SendhilRamamurthy (Jai Wilcox), #GregoryItzin (Henry Wilcox), #OdedFehr (Eyal Lavine), #RichardCoyle (Simon Fischer), @lianeclara (Natasha Petrovna), @emmanuellevaugier (Liza Hearn), @noamjenkins (Vincent Rossabi), @annedudek (Danielle Brooks), @_amyjojohnson (Hayley Price), @perreyreevees (Caitlyn Cook), #EionBailey (Ben Mercer), #MichelleRyan (Teresa Hamilton/Helen Hanson), #DevinKelley (Parker Rowland), #TimGriffin (Seth Newman), #ShawnDoyle (Aleksandre Belenko) and many others for making the past seasons a journey to follow and a show to remember for many years to come.

Special thanks to #MattCorman & #ChrisOrd for creating CovertAffairs without the two of you many people across the world would not have been brought together forming the #CovertCrew.

They’re moving toward reconciliation just born out of shared tragedy. It doesn’t mean it’s easy. He’s still got a lot on his plate, a lot of legal issues. But because of the grief that they’re sharing, because of the fact that they’re having a baby together as well, they’re both making attempts be together rather than apart.
—  Matt Corman on Joan & Arthur’s reconciliation (x)
Annie & Auggie

Fans will, of course, wonder what that means for Auggie. “Annie and Auggie will always be key in one another’s lives,” Corman says, “but they’re going to a new evolution in their relationship this season.” Don’t worry about Auggie: “When we first met him in the pilot, Auggie was a real ladies’ man. He’s always been very sociable and outgoing, and I think it is important that we’re getting back to some of that energy for him,” Corman says. “There’s a sense of fun about him that we’re really finding this year. It’s safe to say that he’s gonna have his hands full on the romantic front. Really, really full.”


“What’s in store for Joan besides Jai going after her job?
We’re going to explore some of Joan’s backstory. We haven’t strung it together yet … but she’ll be out in the field again. We’re hoping it will be on location. We’ve enjoyed the location shooting. If it makes sense for stories, we’ll continue to go away.”

Can’t wait to see more of Joan’s backstory, and hopefully, by extension, more of Arthur and Joan’s backstory as well.

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Is Chris leaving CA? I was so confused by the ending of the season... I hope not, as he's the reason I watch!

You’re not the only one to ask that. In fact, its the 1st question EW had for Chris Ord in this interview:

After almost being killed, again, the latter decided he wants to leave the agency and travel the world with Natasha (Liane Balaban). If/when the show gets an order for a sixth season, would Auggie be in it?

“Oh, he’ll be in it,” co-creator Matt Corman assures us. “It’s a slightly different dynamic for him at the outset. I think for now he’s trying this, trying something different. It’s interesting, he’s been so defined by his job. He has the CIA so dialed that for him, maybe more than any of our other characters, stepping out of that workplace is gonna be a real shift.”

So fear not! Auggie may have a different role in the show should it return, or maybe something will happen and he’ll change his mind about leaving. Regardless, Chris still has a job. :)

Interview with Matt Corman for season 5 of Covert Affairs

What does the fifth season of popular drama “Covert Affairs?” have in store for the fifth season? Fans are eager to find out, and lucky for them, executive producer and showrunner Matt Corman has recently revealed some teasers.

According to Corman’s comments during an interview with Entertainment Weekly, viewers will learn more about Annie, and the character will change.

“It remains to be seen how she’ll come back to the CIA. We’re just now turning to Season five. What’s nice about this ending is it leaves a lot of options open for us. I think it’s safe to say that she’s never going to be the same again, as a spy or a person,” he said to Entertainment Weekly.

The executive producer and showrunner said he thinks this new season will be sort of like a new chapter for the “Covert Affairs” team.

“We’re moving into the next phase. They were such a key part of the show. It remains to be seen how our characters are going to be challenged and where the threats come from. It is a new phase in their lives and the lives of the agency. It will be a natural progression, but a progression nonetheless,” he said during an Entertainment Weekly interview.

Corman also shed some light on how Annie’s romantic life with Auggie.

“They have never yet had the luxury of time in their relationship. Will they have time now? We’ll see,” the executive producer and showrunner said.

This change that we see in Annie at the end [of the finale] is a seismic one and a major one. It’s going to launch us into a back six where we see a totally different Annie and a totally different show, and we hope people enjoy it.
—  Showrunner Matt Corman on the changes in Annie after the summer finale

Matt Corby- Brother

Matt Corman:Yeah. He’s very interested in power. He’s very self-promotional in a good way. He’s also reached a better place with Joan and I think it’s legitimate that he didn’t want to step on her after she just had a baby after she shot a guy in her kitchen.

Chris Ord:He’s a very ambitious guy. That’s what we love about Calder. But I think over the season, he’s learned to be part of a team. He has an affinity for our characters. Those two ideas will be fighting each other within him.

—  Matt Corman & Chris Ord on Calder Michaels’ arc this season & the future of being the DCS (x)
USA finales always make me so sad! we have to wait til November-ish! (i think) :(

Hope everyone else enjoyed the finale too. btw, here are 2 articles/interviews about whats coming up in Season 2.5.

Spoilers below!

What Devin Kelley’s role will be

Interview w/the creators about the finale

In that second one, i would particularly like to bring up THIS question:

Chris said he’s pitched to you a prequel movie for Auggie showing his recovery after getting blinded.
 Yeah, he told us that! The Auggie character is certainly interesting, but I think right now we’re just focused on the stories that are right in front of us. But it could be really fascinating.
Ord: We’d be up for it. I think for us it’s about figuring out whether it would work. We’re kind of up for any and all of it. We love doing the show and we love exploring all the different story lines. Something like that, it’s a cool idea, so let’s think about that.


ok, i’m done. lol. hopefully i can get this site up and running again soon. ive been so busy its ridiculous.

Since we knew where we were going, we had to carefully chart his behaviors over the course of the season and create it in such a way that when looking back, it was all consistent. Although he seemed to be operating against our characters, he never really was. They were just misinterpreting his moves. Because we knew where we were ending, we were able to craft these stories in certain ways and our hope is the audience will look back on it now and say, “All of his actions were consistent” and we can move forward and look at him as an ally and not an adversary.
—  Matt Corman on Calder’s journey from enemy to friend
Containment Adds Showunners Matt Corman and Chris Ord

#Containment Adds Matt Corman and Chris Ord As Showrunners

Covert Affairs creators Matt Corman and Chris Ord have joined the midseason CW drama Containment as executive producers and co-showrunners alongside Julie Plec, Deadline reports. They will assist Plec who will have three series on the CW next season, Containment and returning seriables The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Produced by WB TV, Containment chronicles the fallout from a mysterious…

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Post Mortem: Covert Affairs EPs on Annie’s & Auggie’s News Plus: Will There Be a Season 6?

THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS, DO NOT READ ANY FARTHER IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED!!! Covert Affairs‘ Season 5 finale on Thursday night found Annie contemplating not one, but two offers — one romantic, one professional. First, Ryan McQuaid suggested that if they make it out of a dangerous bat…

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She certainly has a deeper understanding about the way that spycraft works, and her approach is more advanced. She’s become a very advanced spy, operating at the highest levels. But by the same token, it’s all taken a toll. Season 1, she never even carried a gun. Now, she’s moved to the point where when necessary, like with Henry, she’s willing to take somebody down in an alley.
—  Matt Corman on Annie’s change in Season 4 (x)