Those of you who follow me on instagram and twitter will be aware that over the last few months i have been writing and drawing a comic. Well that comic is now finished, back from the printers and ready to head towards your hands. Up there is a four page preview of the book.


The Great Salt Lake is a story i’ve had circling my head for a year or so, and in it’s simplest form it’s about a man lost at sea, looking for a way home. I wanted it to be a physical object that justified it’s existence, and It was printed by the quite frankly wonderful Calverts and has that lovely fresh print litho smell that old school print enthusiasts will get excited about.

Pre orders will be posted out at the end of November, so if you’re coming to Thought Bubble in Leeds next week, that’ll be your first opportunity to get one in hand (and you can come and say hello to me too!), but the rest of you can order it here.

- £5 GBP (plus shipping)

- 28pp

- full color cover, black and white interior

- litho printed by Calverts in London

- edition of 750

Gaborik, who turned 31 on Valentine’s Day, joined the youngest team in the league. He is surrounded by puppies. He is adopting them. They are adopting him.

They pause and marvel at Gaborik’s speed and his acceleration, and the eye-blink quickness of his shot release. They throw questions at him. His locker is between those of Cam Atkinson and Matt Calvert: combined age, 46. They pick him up at his hotel - he has not had time to find a place, or ship his car - and show him the town. He returns the favor, taking them out to dinner on the road.