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Umm what Calvert did was way worse and much more dirty than what Sid did.

Okay allow me to break down for you what happened, as you are obviously jaded.
Matt Calvert, in a moment of frustration, cross checked a dude across the back and shoved him to the ground. Was that unsportsmanlike and wrong? Yes. But Kuhnackl is expected to play despite the “aggravated assault.”
Sidney Crosby, for no apparent reason, skated up on Marc Methot, and instead of checking him or aiming for his stick, hit him right across the hand to stop a play. Crosby lacerated Methot’s finger, leaving him unable to play at all. Was that unsportsmanlike and wrong? Yes. Especially given his nonchalance afterward.
Now, did Calvert deserve a suspension? Yeah. But Sidney Crosby definitely did too. The only reason he didn’t is because he is the NHL golden boy and they would never do anything to possibly hurt his career. And he’s been doing shit like that all year.
So was Calvert wrong? Yes. But Sidney Crosby has done much worse without so much as a slap on the wrist.