Steve Whitmire who voices Kermit the Frog revealed that Disney planned on replacing him last October. Whitmire who has voiced Kermit since the 1970′s will be replaced with someone else.

Matt Vogel will be replacing the legendary Whitmire and honestly, everyone so far is beyond displeased. Especially at Disney who called up Whitmire during October and simply stated they were recasting and did not require Whitmire’s services anymore.

The irony with Steve leaving the Muppets and Matt taking over Kermit is one that follows the Muppet fan community in everything it does: everyone knows the characters; no one knows the performers.

Most people don’t even know who Steve is, and most likely (unless it’s picked up by a lot of major news networks, but I really doubt it) most people will have no idea that Kermit the Frog’s performer is no longer there and that another performer is taking the role. Kind of crazy to think the Frog will be on his third performer.

I love Steve so much, and will miss him so so much, but I’m sure Matt will be a great new Kermit! :’) I was wondering why they had given Oscar to Eric since it seemed like it would be going to Matt, and this is probably why (also bc Eric performs him so amazingly). We haven’t heard or seen Matt’s Kermit yet as far as I’m aware, but he’ll be performing him for next week’s “Muppet Thought of the Week” video, so I’m super excited to see it 😊

Thoughts about the Steve Whitmire issue, because I have no where else to vent them:

Full disclaimer: I am probably reading way too much into the statements that have been made. I am coloring those words with my own emotions. I might be 100 percent wrong. Take that as you will.

I was devastated when the news came out that Steve Whitmire had been fired and would no longer be performing with The Muppets. I just had so many confused emotions and questions.

But now that a little bit of time has passed and the fight has just begun to enter full swing, I’ve moved on to one primary concern:

Why does Steve keep throwing the others under the bus? I was upset by his firing. I’m more upset by this.

With every new little snippet, it gets worse and worse. He’s definitely throwing the “Post-Jim” performers (as he called them) under the bus. No question about that. The fact that a category that broad, and just by the fact that so much time has passed is only getting broader, apparently can’t do their job without Steve’s wisdom (of Jim, of the characters, etc etc) rubs me the wrong way. I’m sorry. It just does.

It has been 27 years since Jim died. I get that the knowledge of pre-1990 Muppet is dwindling at an accelerating rate. But there were 10 years of Frank Oz after that. 10 years of Jerry Nelson. 10 years of Jerry Juhl. TWENTY SEVEN years of Dave Goelz. All of the “Post-Jim” core performers worked with these men. If they don’t have a grasp of the Jim-era atmosphere by now, Steve won’t be able to give it to them. (Casual reminder that this arbitrary category includes both Eric Jacobson and Matt Vogel.)

The thing that’s worst of all in my mind is that I feel like Dave Goelz is getting dragged under that bus, too. Maybe not intentionally. He’s on the “Pre-Jim” side with Steve. But it’s happening. With every insistance that Steve just wanted to protect the integrity, he just fought TOO DARN HARD, comes the implication that Dave doesn’t care. That Dave can’t give the wisdom of the Jim-era. I’m really sorry to Steve, I really love Kermit (both his and Jim’s incarnations), but the blue weirdo has my loyalty first. And this is just rankling me too much.

Again, this is my reading of it! My personal reading is coloring how I feel about the situation. If I’m misreading him in a negative light, I apologize. But damn if that’s not the way it comes off.

All I know is this: regardless of who is in the right (or wrong) in this Disney/Whitmire clash, I’m 100 percent behind Matt Vogel. I will be cheering him on from the sidelines, because he is in the hardest position to be in right now. And I believe in him, he deserves to know that.