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Hawkeye is the one of the best super-hero comics in recentmemory. Bold words, but true. As the critically-acclaimed and award-winning series comes to it’s conclusion, we’re pleased to offer the first 11 issues as part of this weekend’s Marvel sale for only $0.99 each until 3/22/15.

It’s a steal at twice the price. The general premise of the series is simple: What does Hawkeye do when he’s not avenging? Answer: he’s getting himself into trouble like fighting the Tracksuit Draculas, arguing with the other Hawkeye Kate Bishop, trying to convince his neighbors he’s not really Hawkeye (Is that a S.H.I.E.L.D. carrier hovering over the building? Oh, Clint.) or taking care of the world’s greatest super-pet - Pizza Dog.

This series isn’t the first time Matt Fraction (mattfractionblog) , David Aja, and Matt Hollingsworth have collaborated. Their underappreciated run (in collaboration with Ed Brubaker) on Immortal Iron First showed that these creators work very well together. On Hawkeye, they’ve taken it to a whole new level.

If you’ve never read Hawkeye and you love comics and love great comics, grab the first issue. It’s one of the best comics you’ve never read. And if you HAVE read it, then you know what’s waiting for you. Treat yourself all over again.

In addition to Hawkeye, Marvel has also put the first 6 issues of Black Widow and a whole smattering of Secret Avengers comics on sale. Yes, you read that right - it’s a smattering.

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Scott McGovern is a member of the Launch team, works on the Pull List, and loved the finale of LOST. Yes, really.

Color Breakdowns for Hawkeye #09, by Matt Hollingsworth

“Yeah. Purple is in a lot of the issues. Basically, I lay out the entire book without the line art. This is what I look at on one of my monitors. I’ll pull a page at a time, lay the colors out, then put them back into the layout. This is the finished product.That’s issue #9. You’ll see that there are yellows that pop up throughout the book.” - Matt Hollingsworth


Joker variant covers 

Batman #41 by Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth 

Batman/Superman #41 by Jock 

Catwoman #41 by Javier Pulido 

Gotham by Midnight #7 by John Van Fleet 

Grayson #9 by Dave Johnson 

Justice League of America #1 by  Howard Porter 

Teen Titans #9 by Scott McDaniel 

working with David

(EDITED TO ADD STEP 2; sorry david i’m dumb and decaffinated)


The first half of this issue was written for Pulido, for some reason that escapes me now, but he didn’t end up drawing it, for other reasons that also escape me now, so it was written as a full script (meaning: suggestions of panels and dialogue presented at once) rather than the usual plot style that I write for David (meaning: more of a narrative suggesting the dramatic beats of the page but leaving panels and page design wholly to the artist – i’ve posted some of that stuff before, dig around, you can find it, i believe in you). I believe halfway through it changes to plot style (but these are pages 3 and 4).

Also i clearly wasn’t sure if MH was to be coloring or not, as I was really steering into the coloring notes.

At some point “Phyllis” became ‘Penelope.’ Still “Phyllis” here, though.

The final version had Nat saying “Da,” which came from Wacker, and was, as you can see, way better.



                TEXT                      NATASHA:

The Work Wife.


SOMEWHERE IN THE MANSION full of TECH: AN ARRAY OF TRANSLUCENT AND CURVED COMPUTER MONITORS illuminates NAT as she works with intense, ex-KGB levels, of concentration. ONE SCREEN is CHERRY’S MUG SHOT.

                  NAT                         Gotcha.

                  NAT                         Nice to MEET YOU…


GRAND CENTRAL STATION: CHERRY walks through a black and grey crowd dressed in screaming RED in a long red cloak-coat and a big floppy hat, the BRIM covering one of her eyes. Even though it’s night she wears SUNGLASSES; she’s got a small black bag with her, A HANDBAG maybe. A PORTER hands her a TRAIN TICKET.

                  CAP (NAT, OP)                    “…Darlene Phyllis Wright.”


                  PORTER                                 Here you are, Ms. Wright.


                  CHERRY                                  Mm.


MOMENTS LATER. We watch as the grey and black crowd of commuters hustles past the clock centerpiece of Grand Central; the bright red of CHERRY popping, as it were, against them as she heads towards a sign that points, saying LOWER PLATFORMS. The TIME reads 8:48.

There is ONE OTHER MOMENT OF RED here – NATASHA’S HAIR. SHE stands in the direction that CHERRY heads towards, unseen.

CAP (PORTER, OP)         “Train leaves at NINE from track 26.”


NATASHA stares AT US, arms folded across her chest, not taking any shit from anyone.

                  NO DIALOGUE


CHERRY moves through the crowd, head down, hoping not to be noticed.

                  NO DIALOGUE


CHERRY looks UP AT US now – alarmed.

                  CHERRY                                  oh no.



                  NAT                                            Oh yeah.


ON THE WHOLE OF THE STATION as CHERRY turns and runs, NATASHA right behind her. Neither woman slows down for pedestrian traffic; PEOPLE fall ass over teakettle, shoved and pushed willy-nilly as the chase breaks out.

                  NAT                                            STOP THAT GIRL!


CHERRY whips her BAG at a CIVILIAN’S FACE, knocking him back into a LUGGAGE CART which sends the luggage spilling – a barricade, however small, between CHERRY and NATASHA. NATASHA keeps running. 

                  NO DIALOGUE


CHERRY heads down the stairs leading to the lower platforms as NATASHA reaches down to grab the HANDBAG as she runs. 

                  NO DIALOGUE


CHERRY runs onto the lower platform wildly, shoving people out of her way. BEHIND HER NATASHA comes leaping after her.

                  NO DIALOGUE


CHERRY runs through lines of PASSENGERS trying to get on the trains as NAT follows like a wild woman. CHERRY is heading towards the HEAD of one of the trains – she’s going to leap down onto the tracks and run into the tunnels.

                  NO DIALOGUE


CHERRY LEAPS off the passenger platform. PEOPLE watch – angry she’s knocked ‘em over, scared she’s going to get hurt – everybody seems to have a reaction. NATASHA coming after her like a wraith.

                  NO DIALOGUE