Matt Dwyer


All I can say is there is a lot going on in this video

The Transgender Education of Matt Dwyer

I like to think of myself well informed on many of the happenings and going ons in the world. However, when it came to anything transgender related I would have to say I knew shit about fuck. Thus this weeks guest for “Conversations With Matt Dwyer”  

Shadi Petosky is well versed on the subject. When we recorded this Shadi was seven weeks in transition. Frankly I was a little nervous to have the conversation. Mostly because I was FULLY aware I was ignorant on the subject. I was frightened I’d say the wrong thing and offend Shadi.

I don’t think I did though Shadi did sweetly correct me once for using incorrect wording.

Regardless what results is a very warm charming and informative conversations not only about what it means to be a transgender person but we also get into Mad Magazine Vs. Cracked. 

Please do enjoy.

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Ryan Rice, Occupy LA Activist - EP. 29 11/28/12

The Occupy movement has been questioned, talked about praised and a point of confusion on my show since day one. Getting a member of this movement to talk with me has been a goal of mine since the very beginning. Thankfully I landed Ryan Rice. 

Ryan and I have facebook messaged back and forth for months trying to get this to happen. The conversation with him is really amazing and inspiring. Ryan is very articulate, grounded hip and inspiring fellow. 

We talk about some great stuff from the Movement’s Debt Jubilee, fighting home foreclosures and how the corporatization our government is a form a fascism. 

I’m really glad Ryan Did the show. I am also really proud to help the word of the Occupy Movement that they aren’t dead that it is thriving and helping change things through some super radical actions. 

As a side note I was introduced to Ryan through Frances Yasmeen Motiwalla who I speak with on Episode 30 about the Peace Action Movement. 

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Alan Jouban takes a decision in a great fight.

Then he gives a shout out to Saenchai. Love this guy.

Easily FOTN so far. Jouban got a point taken early but I think it was clear he was the better fighter. Hurt Dwyer  twice badly with headkicks (one was a cartwheel kick). Great back and forth action.

Serrated Edge
  • Serrated Edge
  • The Dead Milkmen
  • Big Lizard in My Backyard

The mad genius behind this song @rodneyanon Rodney Anonymous of the legendary Dead Milkmen joins “Conversations With Matt Dwyer this week.” I expected Rodney to be great but he surpassed my hopes. It was a goddamned honor to talk with him for an hour. We cover a lot of ground in that short span from music Stalinism, Christopher Hitchens to Rodney hipping us to bands we must listen to. 

You can listen here on Feral Audio or free on Itunes

Enjoy the song. It’s one of my favorite songs of all time. I mean, they are nailing Charles Nelson Reilly to a cross. Does it get any more brilliant than that?

That was insanity.

Fucking awesome fight. Alan Jouban gets rocked and loses a point in the first. He rallies back to murder the hell out of Matt Dwyer in the second round. Dwyer strikes from a distance in the third round before Jouban hurts him and scores a takedown. Dwyer tries for a kimura that’s fail city  and then Jouban hurts Dwyer with body shots. Dwyer gets to his feet, winds up on top and is landing crazy GnP afterwards.

I’ve got 28-27 for Jouban.