Matt Best

anonymous asked:

What do you think of each of the members lips? ;3


  • They’re like a bratz dolls’. And they look so firm too A++ -Admin Matte
  • very pretty & plump *flying hand kiss* - Admin Cherry


  •  just the RIGHT amount of thickness, looks like a cats mouth  - Admin Gloss
  • has a case of lips-disappearing-when-smiling but very cute - Admin Cherry
  • it kinda soft and squishy lookin’ kill me - Admin Matte


  • his lips are fun!! they look like a heart! - Admin Gloss
  • heart shaped! how cute! cute lip mole! - Admin Cherry
  • it heart shaped cuz he gotta big ‘ol heart - Admin Matte


  • THICk -Admin Cherry
  • theyre a mystery. sometimes they look thick to me sometimes they average. maybe its the angle. - Admin Matte


  • honestly, the best lips in bangtan - Admin Cherry
  • y’know theres a reason why i call him juicy j - Admin Matte


  • pouty, cute - Admin Cherry
  • the sweetest looking lips cuz he the sweetest boy - Admin Matte


  • nice contrast between the upper and bottom lip - Admin Gloss
  • he got no top lip but its cute - Admin Cherry
  • they make me sweat or laugh - Admin Matte

“ This is a song about the human need for someone to love you, for someone to feel proud of you and for the people you care about to support you. And I want to say that if you ever feel like that’s in your life tonight you are surrounded by 300 people that do love and do support and are proud of you. Including us. I’m sure allof you guys out there know what Tonight Alive stands for. We’re silver lining on top of people. And y'know what, despite how strong we are inside sometimes you just need someone to lean on and sometimes they’re not here. If you feel alone, remember we’re all together so let’s sing it that way. ” x