where cars go to die …

a scene of the 1966 24 Heures du Mans you won’t see often, the car park for race abandonments

we can make out the Holman & Moody Ford GT40 MkII of Mario Andretti &  Lucien Bianchi (n°6, retired due to an engine failure), the Matra-BRM M620 of Jo Schlesser & Alan Rees (n°41, retired due to an accident), the Chaparral-Chevrolet 2D of Jo Bonnier & Phil Hill (n°9, retirement due to an electrical failure) & in the background the Societé Automobiles CD-Peugeot SP66 of Pierre Lelong & Alain Bertaut (n°52, retired due to a clutch malfunction)


Matra (now MBDA) BLU-107/B Durandal - Anti-Runway Bomb

The Durandal was developed in France in the 1970’s for runway denial attacks. The United States Air Force adopted a modified form of the bomb in the 1980’s, using the F-111E Aardvarks (top photo) and F-15E Strike Eagles for low-level delivery during Operation Desert Storm. 

The Durandal can penetrate up to 16 inches of concrete, creating craters up to seven feet deep and 16 feet wide, disturbing concrete slabs up to 50 feet in an area of up to 50 feet in diameter with up to 20 inch displacement. These craters are much harder to repair than ones made by conventional explosive bombs.

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