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Different Hetalia Couples Coming Out Part 2

Gerame: Caught sucking face during Oktoberfest on international television. It’s on Youtube now.

Giripan: Cat hair. Everywhere. On every article of Japan’s clothing. On every piece of his furniture. In his food. In his briefcase, somehow. The other European nations know what that means and stare judgmentally.

Caname: Overnight their conference chairs are replaced by fucking thrones. What? No I didn’t, it could have been anyone Mattie! Well maybe someone finally recognized how amazing we are– no don’t sit there yours is the one on the left.

SpUk: Well there’s a shitton of rum involved I can fuckin tell you that much.

Rusame: Alfred just sits his star-spangled ass down on Ivan’s lap one day and the Russian is COMPLETELY fine with it, and they stay like that the whole meeting and every other nation is either having a panic attack or tries to attack one of them.

SuFin: There comes a day when Berwald begins to call Tino his boyfriend instead of his wife.

I hope i’m not late for the Canada Day party! Also, happy birthday to Hong Kong! 

Today is their day!

Have some boys sharing one birthday cake (and the bears, of course)

If you asked me for the correlation between these specific characters, I couldn’t tell you

More hetalia WHOOPS IM A G O OF

Also Canada is the only one in casual clothes because nothing beats a canadian themed hoodie ok

anonymous asked:

which countries chuck empty cans at America to mock him from his memes?

kghskdfgkgfh BYE


Arthur is far behind the meme era - he still thinks those shitty facebook minion memes and troll face comics are funny!! It’s because he’s an old man shhh. The first time he saw a vine, he felt like he discovered The Crown Jewels.

“Oi! Alfred!! This bitch empty - YEET” Arthur tosses his full cup and whips - he cackles before pressing his back and cringing.

“Ya - that meme is dead. What are you 40? HA!”


“this bitch empty - YEET” *chucks his body at a wall*


HUNTY - Gilbert is the embodiment of a meme. He doesn’t only chuck cans at America either - add his brother, Austria, and Hungary lmao


He’s a fucking savage - he’s done it thrice and nobody knew it was him. Alfred turned and blamed whoever was closest that wasn’t Mathew


This is slightly off - Francis has chucked a can at Alfred - but it was supposed to hit Arthur at first


Ivan doesn’t know what a meme is - he just likes throwing shit at Alfred lmao


(he did)

Admiral Horatio Nelson, died at The Battle of Trafalgar 1805. His last words were “Kiss me Hardy”, but many tried to later pass it off as “kismet” to avoid embarrassment.