Welcome back to FRIDAY FASHION FACT! Today’s topic is one that seems to be quite the curiosity to many people, or, more accurately, to many women. That’s right, I’m finally covering maternity wear in the age of corsets! It’s no wonder why this topic is so perplexing to so many people- it is a shockingly un-discussed area of fashion history. We rarely, if ever, see images of pregnant women throughout history. What we commonly see, though, is women with teeny-tiny waists that are caged in and perfectly flattened by stays and corsets. Clearly, those styles didn’t leave much room for a little alien growing in a woman’s belly. Yet the fact that we all here today is proof that the vast majority of women throughout history were pregnant at some point in their lives. This means that some sort of clothing accommodating a rapidly growing midsection had to exist. So what did it look like?

Up until the Renaissance, maternity wear was barely, if at all, different from regular dress. This is because in these early days, clothing was not fitted to the body. Fabric was cut in rectangular pieces that were laced together, making it easy to tighten or loosen a dress. During pregnancy, women would simply loosen the lacing, allowing more of her underlayers of clothing to be visible, possibly adding additional layers. Later in a pregnancy, women simply stayed at home, meaning they could just wear loose undergarments and open robes. During the late Middle Ages, it was in fact fashionable for a woman to appear pregnant, whether or not she actually was. They would wear high waisted gowns with extra fabric gathered around her belly, thus making specific maternity wear unnecessary.

By the Renaissance, though, seams and structure became integral parts of fashion. Stays came into fashion (read here) resulting in a restricted bodice. During this era, women would loosen the bottom of their stays as much as possible during the early part of their pregnancy, thus causing the bump to appear rather low. Those who could afford new clothing would wear shortened bodices as their stomachs grew larger. Those who could not had two options. One, they would wear a man’s waistcoat paired with their loose underlayers and skirts. This is because during this era men’s waistcoats had vents in the back, held together by lacing which could be loosened. The other option was to wear a bodice that laced in the front, leaving the lacing around the belly open. This would then be covered up with an apron. Using an apron to cover an open bodice that accommodated a full belly remained the go-to style for the pregnant poor for the next couple of centuries.

The first official pregnancy garment was created in the 17th century. Known as the Adrienne dress, the style had loose folds of fabric where normally a fitted waist would be found. The Adrienne developed throughout the next century, and by the 18th century it often included a bib that could be folded down for breastfeeding. In the early 19th century Neoclassical era, fashion was once again in a style that easily accommodated a pregnant figure. By the 1820s, though, structured undergarments made their way back into style, soon becoming the cinched-waisted corsets we associate with the word today. However, maternity corsets were also created around this time. These garments were created to shape, support, and minimize the appearance of a belly. They were adjustable, and some had flaps for breastfeeding. There were countless styles created, all boasting some new-found advantage.

Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, maternity wear would either raise or lower waistlines, depending on which was more fashionable at the time, to accommodate the shape. The crinoline era used empire waists, as well as separate blouses and skirts, often covered by a large jacket to hide the bump. At home, wrappers and robes were extremely common. The bustle era, with its drop waists, attempted to hide the shape by smoothing it down into folds of fabric by the hips. When tea gowns- unstructured, flowing dresses- were developed towards the end of the Victorian era, they became the fashionable choice for women at home, particularly towards the end of their term. Yet the birth (get it??) of the ready to wear industry (read here) and the downfall of the corset shortly after caused maternity wear to shift towards the distinctive garments we often think of today. That, however, is a topic for another day.

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Day One Hundred and Two

-As I passed by the guest services desk, I noticed that something felt strange. Upon further inspection, I saw a Storm Trooper, standing four feet tall, sporting bunny ears, reaching out to offer a stack of REDcard brochures to anyone who passed by. I understood instantly why this set off a red flag for me. Easter is over a month away. This is too early for bunny ears, by any means.

-A woman demanded that her husband remove their son from the store as the son had taken to looking at the models in the swim suit advertisements. I understand her concern. Four year-olds are notorious scoundrels and womanizers and must be stopped before they go too far.

-As I was folding clothing at the fitting room, a girl stepped out from behind a wall. She performed a brief dance and sang, “I wanna go home!” She then stepped back behind the wall, presumably to her home, never to be seen again.

-I heard the voice of a girl chanting, “Aww yeah,” from within a dressing room for an extended period of time. I hope one day to have her enthusiasm for life, as she was clearly living it to the fullest.

-A woman asked me whether an item being on clearance meant that it was maternity wear. I am positively delighted to finally be asked a question which I know the answer to.

-Despite being little more than a passerby in a red shirt, I got roped into working electronics for five minutes. Thankfully, my extensive zero minutes of training in the department came in very handy.

-A man walked through the shoe section. I know this to be true, as he was whispering to himself, “I am a man,” throughout his entire journey.

As it appears more and more likely this could be my last bump post, I thought I’d try and make it worthwhile.

The last eight or so months have been a complete rollercoaster, and there have been plenty of occasions where I’ve questioned my sanity, my mental health and just general belief that I’m doing the right thing.

It still doesn’t feel real, quite is quite strange considering how bloody massive I am!

At this stage the first time round, I was young, naive and didn’t have a clue what was ahead of me. i think that is what is daunting me most.

While before I was a happy, healthy teenager - I’m now a tired, dishevelled and ‘technically’ single mum. The last part is the most difficult for me to deal with, but I know in my heart of hearts it is the right move.

He’s still heavily involved (we see each other every day almost), and the bond between us will never leave - but it’s the right decision.

So for now I’m bouncing on my ball, drinking way too much raspberry leaf tea and planning a walk - because I’m so over being pregnant and I’m so desperate to meet my little one.

Thanks to every single person I’ve spoken to on Tumblr over the past few months, you’ve probably helped me more than you know. 

I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Twenty

Summary: Your adoption is finalised and you get to know your new extended family at what you think is an Independence Day party. Genevieve corners you on your way back to the party, and Danneel helps you escape and relax when it all gets too much
Jared x Reader x Gen, Jensen, JJ, Donna, Gino, Danneel (mentioned extended Ackles/Graul family)
Words: 3.5k
Warnings: fluff, f/f kissing, mildly nsfw chat
Beta: @blacksiren

I Know Your Wife - Masterpost

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Driving, it seemed, wasn’t as difficult as you thought it would be.

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My First Filled Request

I’d love a huge belly full of babies. I want my babies to grow so big in me that I can’t move. Can you do that to me?

Honestly I wouldn’t give you much choice in the matter. I would convince you to take fertility supplements, but the LAN slip it into your food and drink when you weren’t paying attention. Unknowingly you’d get double doses of your supplements daily. By the time you’re in heat you have so many eggs inside you that you’re uncontrollably horny. I walk in from work and you’re face is already flushed as you’ve been pleasuring yourself all day trying to calm the itch.

I mount you immediately. Taking you from behind and pulling your hair back as I unload into you. I don’t even have to try to make you orgasm. You come the second I part your lips and your greedy pussy drinks all the seed I give you. I cum inside you at least four more times that night. Each time being sure to not waste a drop of my potent seed.

We know you are pregnant within the week. Your symptoms start within days of being bred. You take a home test and it turned positive within seconds. There is no doubt that you are massively knocked up.

Less than two weeks after your breeding and your tits won’t fit in your bra. A month after and your hips have widened enough to make buttoning your pants impossible.

Your belly doesn’t show up until 6 weeks gone, but it comes with a vengeance! You have to announce at 2 months because you can’t hide it anymore. Your belly shows through anything you wear. Somebody got themselves knocked up good.

At three months you are in maternity clothes full time.

I take you to the doctor at four months. You’re already waddling and your belly is peeking out between your pants and your shirt. You hoist yourself on the table for your monogram and giggle at the doctors surprise by your size. “I’m just fertile I guess,” you giggle as he starts to exam you. He mutters something about a bakers dozen and instructs you to rest and eat as much as possible over the next five months.

You continue to grow at an amazing rate. Everyday you are noticeably bigger than the last. You spend your time eating and growing and you can’t wait to get bigger.

By six months you look full term with quints. Your tits have swelled into G cups and you have outgrown everything. I come home from work and see you standing in front of the mirror with your huge tits heavy resting atop your massive belly; so plump and full they almost block your vision. Incredibly turned on by how your body is so entirely owned by my seed, you’re trying to pleasure yourself but your huge bump makes it almost impossible to reach your aching pussy. Your body is so heavy You are already tired from holding up my massive brood. You see me and drop to your hands and knees in front of the mirror, belly hanging on the floor. I mount you from behind and watch your belly and tits bounce while I fuck you into oblivion.

You grow more and more each day. I help you waddle to the couch every morning and leave you with all of your favorite snacks in arms reach. By the time I get home you’ve grown a couple inches for me each time.

When you reach 7 months your belly is over 80 inches around. Clothes are almost worthless at this point, but you still try. Your FF cup tits don’t fit any bras, but your old tank tops do the job well enough. You still wear maternity yoga pants but they only cover your hips. You’ve grown so large that your belly extends 3 to 4 inches past your sides and you can barley stand on your own much less waddle anywhere.

You have continued to grow at least 2 inches a day and by eight months you are over 120 inches around. Your belly sticks out over a foot on each side and reaches past your knees when you sit. You can’t stand up on you own, and standing for just a few minutes makes you out of breath. I lift you up to fuck you, but you’re too big to stay on all fours. I lean you against the couch and ravage you from behind as your GG size tits wobble and shake from the fucking. Your belly rubs the carpet and you moan as I unload inside you. You sit down after your workout to rest. You rub your belly to calm our young and smile at me.

9 months along with 13 babies and you are truly massive. Your belly measures over 13 feet around and you’re tits have ballooned to II cups and are already leaking milk to feed your incredible litter.

You can’t move without significant help and you’re stuck on our living room couch. You have to sit with your legs splayed and even then you have to lean back to make room for your gigantic girth.

Leaning over the couch is the only way we can make love, but now your belly rests on the floor as Intake you from behind. You scream and moan as I plow you knowing that the same cock that’s ravaging you now was the cock that put the huge 13 babies into you.

You lay back, satisfied, knowing that soon I’ll be able to put even more into you and you will grow that much bigger.


Hello :) My name is Sid and I’m an pre everything transman that happened to get pregnant right after coming out..which sorta sucked but even though its at a rough point of my life I’m happy to have my dear squishy growing inside me :3 Besides the sudden change that went in a different direction than what I had decided earlier to go I also had to deal with trying to figure out what to wear. I’m not that well off and upon browsing the maternity section and even maternity stores I’ve decided I’m not that desperate to go with the over girly and terrifyingly 70′s/80′s wear that is available for 50+ bucks a pop or the alternatives of worn out goodwill/thrift maternity wear (with some questionable stains) or strapping a hair tie through the buttonhole of my pants for some expansion (at 18 weeks its not doing it anymore). My style is kind of all over the place so I’m willing to try many things for any potential followers, mostly I dress however I want but I do tend to lean on the more punk/goth side and I enjoy bringing suiting up to the dark side as well. So feel free to ask for things or submit stuff to help make it easier to find something more than your average maternity wear because being pregnant is uncomfortable enough without having to cram your identity/fashion sense back in the closet for 5+ months.

Brownies and a Cuddle - Seth Rollins

Summary: Just a short little story that’s been floating around my brain for a while now. Inspired by something one of sims did actually. Satisfies all of my baby feels.

Characters: Seth Rollins x Unnamed OC/Reader

Warnings: None really. Just pure pregnancy fluff.

A/N: So I’ve decided to try my hand at writing again. It’s been about 4 years since I’ve written anything besides a paper for school. If this goes over well maybe I’ll try and keep up with it again. I hope you all enjoy this! I’d love some feedback!

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

             Tossing and turning yet again. It seemed sleep was escaping me for another night. I don’t know how I hadn’t woken Seth up yet. I suppose he’s accepted my restlessness too. The farther I got into my pregnancy the harder I was finding it to sleep. Now with my growing 6-month bump sleep seemed impossible. Seth felt so guilty for being able to sleep while I couldn’t. I caught him googling “ways to sleep better while pregnant” just a few weeks ago. Now, thanks to his findings from Parents Magazine, I have a pregnancy pillow to sleep with, a maternity band to wear during the day, and a sleep playlist courtesy of his Spotify.

               Despite his much appreciated efforts, tonight was another night I’d spend awake in the company of late night television. I glanced over at Seth to see that he was fast asleep, snoring away. I quietly and carefully pushed the covers to the side and got out of bed. Once I stood up it hit me. The reason that I couldn’t sleep. I rubbed my belly and smiled a little as I thought about it. Brownies. Rich, chocolatey, chewy brownies. That’s exactly what I wanted right now. I picked up my phone off the nightstand checking the time. 1:16 am. No better time for some baking, right?

               I made my way down to the kitchen as quietly as I could. Pulling the pantry doors open I scanned the shelves in front of me. My eyes landed on that beautiful red box that I was looking for. God bless Betty Crocker, I thought to myself as I set the box on the counter. I found my mixing bowl and baking pan in the cupboards below the counter and grabbed the ingredients listed on the back of the box. Setting the oven to 350°, I began mixing the ingredients until they became that beautiful brown batter. With the pan greased and ready to go I poured the luscious brown mixture and put it in the oven. I set the timer and headed into the living room, turning the TV on and trying to find something worth watching. I happily landed on Full House and settled into the couch. At least something good came from these sleepless nights.

               As I heard the timer go off I hopped off the couch (as much of a hop as it could be with a 6-month baby bump) and pulled the pan out of the oven. I couldn’t wait for them to cool. I needed these brownies. I immediately cut them up and put some on a plate, taking it to the living room with me and retaking my place on the couch. I bit into the first one and sighed happily. I heard footsteps coming down the hallway as I was stuffing my face with now my third brownie. Seth was scratching his head sleepily as he walked into the doorway to the living room. His hair was in his normal messy bun and he had pulled on his grey sweatpants and Black and Brave t-shirt before coming downstairs. I looked up at him and picked up the plate, holding it out to him.

               “Brownie?” I offered, still chewing the last bit of my own.

               He chuckled and grabbed a brownie off the plate, joining me on the couch. “Couldn’t sleep again?”

               “Nope. I guess baby wanted brownies,” I replied as I rubbed a hand over my belly contently.

               Seth put an arm around my shoulders and pulled me into him. I rested my head on his shoulder as I cuddled into him more. “I wish there was something I could do to help.”

               I sighed and glanced up at him, pecking his cheek lightly. “Honey, you have done plenty for me and I can’t thank you enough. I’m the one that should feel bad keeping you up all the time. You need sleep too.”

               “How am I supposed to sleep knowing my wife is uncomfortable?”

               I smiled and laid my head back on his chest. “Well I’m comfortable now. Does that help?”

               “As long as you’re happy, babe” he said, kissing the top of my head. “I prefer you cuddling me than that body pillow any day.”

               I laughed at his comment. “That pillow’s got nothing on you.” I closed my eyes, feeling sleepy for the first time that night. “Thank you, Seth. For everything.”

               He rubbed his had lightly up and down my arm. “Anything for you, my dear.”

               I let out a sleepy hum feeling my exhaustion finally overtake me. I guess brownies and a good cuddle were all I needed to sleep after all.

A Wild Night in Vegas -- Part 13

Here’s the next installment! This is a new record for myself and @outlandishchridhe - 14 PAGES!! I’ll put it below a cut so it doesn’t take up vast amounts of space on all your dashes. If it doesn’t work, as always, let me know and I’ll see if I can get it to you somehow. 

We always have so much fun writing this story and adore all the comments we get from you guys. Writing this is always a source of peace and rest from our hectic lives. Thanks for following along with us in this crazy journey!

Part 12

Fraser Bairn Watch: Month 7

“Miss Beauchamp? A word please?”

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