Matching nails

Beyoncé & Lady Gaga Weren’t the Only Fashionable Stars at Super Bowl 50

The Carolina Panthers lost the Super Bowl, but everyone was a winner when it came to fashion. At the championship game on Sunday night, Lady Gaga was patriotic in red, sparkling custom Gucci suit with matching eyeshadow and blue nails, Chris Martin sang his British heart out in a psychedelic ensemble, and his daughter, Apple Martin, matched with Blue Ivy. As for the 4-year-old’s mother, Beyoncé, who sang her new single Formation for the first time during half time, she channeled Michael Jackson in a bodysuit from D-Squared while her fellow musical act Bruno Mars was “too hot (hot damn)” in a leather and gold Versace look. And that wasn’t all! From Taraji P. Henson in a leather jacket to Kate Hudson’s goofy glasses, the stars certainly brought their sartorial A-game. 

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We were just children.
We couldn’t wait to grow up, to be adults.

We were 10 when we put on makeup for the first time.
Bright pink lipstick to match our sloppy nails,
Young girls trying to fit in a society sculpted for perfection.

We turned 15, looking back at our younger years and laughing.
We thought we began to know what life was,
What love was, when we felt the gentle flutter of our hearts
And we promised ‘forever’ under our breaths.

We were 16, and we could drive.
We knew we were grown, mature, responsible.
We wore the facade of adulthood so well that we fooled ourselves.

We thought turning 18 would change everything,
That suddenly we would know the world.
When we finally turned 18, nothing was different;
We were just a day older.

It wasn’t until we were drunk and staring at the stars
That we realized,
You don’t grow up;
You only grow older.

–Calla Lofgren (foolish youth)