La Liga: Granada vs Real Madrid (MD23) | February 7, 2016
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- Arrival + Autographs
- Match prep
- Last meeting: (W) 1-0 (September 19, 2015 - MD4)
- Lineups: RM | Granada

Absentees (Call-ups)
- Bale, Danilo, Pepe (injury)

- Benzema on 5-game scoring streak
- RM top-scoring team in La Liga (64 goals)
- Looking to end 3-game streak of dropped points on the road

do you know who the real MVP is? kinoshita hisashi, that’s who. #7 for karasuno. the kid with light brown spiky hair and cat eyes. do you know what he does? he encourages narita and ennoshita during the rare instances they do get to play. he wholeheartedly vouches for ennoshita as next year’s captain. he cheers karasuno on in every single game. he performs all the penalties, all the flying receives and sprints up grassy hills, all the drills and all the practices. and yet, he’s always just watching from the sidelines. he has literally never played in an official match since we have come to know him. he gives his everything to karasuno and his team despite never having played. not even once. 

please love kinoshita hisashi.

anonymous asked:

May I suggest a comic in which Jenn fights against your character Flo (or Sipha) in her first official boxing match?

This is the third time you’ve messaged me about this, anon. Aside from not using other peoples’ characters without their permission (Jenn belongs to @andrewwillmore and Flo and Sipha belong to @reptilianmadman234), I can’t work on something as complex as a comic for free. Stop sending me the same request over and over again, please and thank you.

So about Bokuto’s number

Theory time.

This is a bit of a long shot, but several theories are already out there about Bokuto’s number 4 jersey, so why not. Every captain on KnB has the number 4. In fact, every basketball captain in official matches has the number 4. This is because the rules written by the International Basketball Federation reserve numbers 1-3 for coaches and stuff.

If you look up Bokuto’s weird kneepads, you’ll see that those are also common in basketball (just google ‘basketball long kneepads’).

What if basketball is where he came from? What if he just always looked up to that sport but it turns out he’s not that good? What if he had his ‘moment’ while playing volleyball so he switched? (what if Furudate is just putting a KnB reference in?)

You can totally see Fukurodani humouring this child owl when he demands the number 4 and once you get past that, the line-up makes sense. Everyone in that picture, apart from Akaashi and Wataru (12) are third years. As vice-captain and super polite person, Akaashi probably just felt the need to get ‘the next number’ after his captain. The rest just does the age thing, with the only first year, Wataru, at the end.

That would, admittedly, make less of a potentially tragic story, but it would be more of a… Bokuto shenanigans story.

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Ok, but if you HAVE to choose, who will go to nationals, who it will be?

you mean if I could decide?

fukuroudani of course.

I love my cats but. nothing would fill my heart more than seeing my favorite owl boy happy because he and his team won. also he’s the sTONGEST AND HE DOESN’T DESERVE TO LOSE WHY FURUDATE W H Y


While Seigaku is busy badmouthing Atobe, he is flirting with their captain over the phone, wearing a bathrobe, waiting for tea to be served. Atobe is winning.

La Liga: Real Betís vs Real Madrid (MD21) | January 24, 2016
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- Preview
- Match prep
- Last meeting: (W) 5-0 (August 29, 2015 - MD2)
- Lineups: RM | Betís

Absentees (Call-ups)
- Bale, Ramos (injury)
- Arbeloa, Cheryshev (technical decision)

- 4-match scoring streak against Betís for Benzema
- Zidane’s 1st goal with RM came against Betís in 2001
- Zidane and Ronaldo Lima vs Betís (3 great goals between them)

Sketch 53, Sonic’s Gotta Go Fast.

Pardon my dust this last week. I seem to have taken an impromptu hiatus from the daily sketches. Maybe they were getting too complext to maintain at that level of detail, so I’m bringing it in a bit with some simpler characters.

Sonic is one of those characters that I’ve drawn so many times since childhood that I don’t really need to look at any reference for him at all. Granted, my version doesn’t really match the official designs, but I like to think my own take on him isn’t too bad.

Yeah, this is a little bit of a cop-out sketch after having not done any in a week, but I’m easing back into it, so there.

I looked through the profiles of the intended parents (IPs) and picked 3 of the 8. A couple were actually fairly close too! So now my profile gets sent to my first choice and they decide if they like me too, if not it goes to my next pick. If they do, we get a phone interview to learn about each other and make sure we’re a good fit. If all goes well and we like each other then we will be officially matched and the real fun begins. 😀 Meaning lots of doctor’s appointments, lawyers, psych sessions, medications and time getting to know the IPs. I can’t wait to see who it will be. There was one straight couple and two gay couples. We shall see! Oh and I haven’t told anyone besides the one friend I have here. No family knows. We’re going to wait until we have a family and begin the process but before I’m actually pregnant. I don’t know how they’ll react and Tony doesn’t want me to deal with any negativity. So just my tumblr fam bam knows for now! 😏



The match against Levante on Sunday will be Luis Enrique’s 100th official match as FC Barcelona coach.

The recent cup semi-final win over Valencia equaled the record set by Rinus Michels’ men and are now within touching distance of the 28 unbeaten matches by Pep Guardiola’s side.

Lucho’s stats are the best when it comes to the first 100 matches for FC Barcelona as a coach, Pep Guardiola, Helenio Herrera, Terry Venables, Johan Cruyff, Frank Rijkaard, Fernando Daucik, Rinus Michels and Louis van Gaal follow in term of stats successfully.