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Top 5 hinata's rivalries?

This ask is hella hella hella old, but tonight I was in a Hinata mood so here you have it

1. Ushijima. “I’m Hinata Shōyō, and I sprouted from the concrete. I’m going to beat you and go to the nationals”. Damn this moment is my favorite epic Hinata moment. I clapped SO HARD. Anyway, the rivalry between Hinata and Ushijima always got me because Ushijima is probably the only one, true, pure rival Hinata ever had. They never were and became friends and I guess Hinata will always be a little scared of him…but in his heart he knows that he did that, he has made good on his promise and managed to take the big eagle down. Now I’m waiting for Furudate for finally let us see what they talked about during the Shiratorizawa training camp…watch that convo being brought up in a flashback, I’m calling it!!!

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2. Aone. THE PUREST RIVALRY EVER. Since their first match, they developed this sort of “reverent friendship” and Aone was the very first in Dateko to acknowledge (and even defend) Hinata’s talent. I dream of a world in which everyone has for Hinata at least half of the respect Aone and Hinta have for each other.

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3. Lev. A SMOL TOL AND A TOL SMOL. They are so similar and their competitive yet playful relationship gives me life. I can’t wait to see them competing against each other in an official match. We’re gonna see actual fireworks.

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4. Asahi. This one is way more complex than it looks. On one side we have Hinata, who looks up to Asahi as the current ace of the team, but, at the same time, he got jealous and now it’s aiming to take his very spot. On the other, we have out glass heart ace that finally decided it was time for him to fight back and not let the little mandarin put him in the shadow. And damn, he did. Because of the very proximity, I think that this rivalry affected (and inspired) them more than they realized it, especially on Asahi’s part. We know Hinata has the tendency to engage way more with the aces of other teams, but, when te time comes, I’m sure he will remember Asahi’s lessons too. 

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5. Inuoka Another very pure one. Even Coach Nekomata said they are true rivals precisely because they were able to understand and help each other improve during their match. They are birds of a feather, they even understand each other using just their weird language made of noises and jumps. Theirs is another face off I’d love to see. 

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- bonus: Kageyama. No matter how in sync they are now, no matter all the “as long as I’m here you’re invincible”, no matter how supportive to the point of being aggressive they are now. Kageyama will always be the one to push Hinata always a step forward. A step Hinata will always be more than ready to take to keep up the impressive speed Kageyama is evolving. You know, the first rival…you never get over it ;)

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chapter 3: I’ll take my chances // Shawn Mendes


Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Authors note: What do you guys think? Should Shawn still be a jerk to her or should he start to warm up to her? TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME

Recap: “I’ll see you next time.” He grins at me while I stare indifferently at him. “Y/n.”
I slammed the door. There was no way in hell that the arrogant man who was just in my room was my soulmate. Not unless someone stuffed something up.

“Mum?” I ask, looking up at her from my yogurt and granola breakfast. It was the morning after the visit from my soulmate- who I still didn’t know the name of.

“Yes Sweetie?” She turns to me from where she stands by the sink, washing the dishes.

“Is it possible that a match can be a mistake?” I bite my lip, awaiting her answer.

Her eyebrows scrunch in confusion. “Not at all, Y/n. Why do you ask that?” 

I push the oats around with my spoon, feeling disappointed. “I just saw a match the other day and they’re the complete opposite of each other. In any other world I think they wouldn’t have even spared each other a glance.”

She hums, thinking it over. “Sometimes the soulmate system is like that. We put people together who some may think would never work. Yes we take appearances into consideration, but it’s really about what’s on the inside.” She sends me a small smile. “We don’t just mix and match Y/n, you know that the matching officials spend months picking the perfect pairs. Occasionally we get soulmates where we wonder did we make the right decision or will they even work?”

“So there could be mistakes?” I ask hopefully, and she pauses, scanning my expression curiously.

“I wouldn’t bet on it Honey. We never make errors. The human race depends on the system too much for us to stuff things up.”

I nod absentmindedly. “What if one of them was hell-bent on never having a soulmate?” I ask quietly, feeling a weight on my chest.

“You’re asking a lot of unusual questions today. Are you feeling okay?” Mum asks, wiping the suds off her hands and walking over to me.

“Yeah, I guess I’m just nervous to meet my soulmate. What do I do if he doesn’t want me.” My voice is so quiet now and I fear that if I raise it, I’ll start crying.

“Honey, you can’t think like that. That is the worst case scenario that you’re thinking of.” She leans over the counter top of the breakfast bar to stroke a piece of hair behind my ear.

“If that does happen, here’s what you’re going to do.” She has a determined look in her eyes and I know that I’m in for a good pep talk.

“What am I going to do?” I grin at her and she holds my hands, keeping my gaze.

“You’re going to walk right up to your soulmate and say, “Its too bad that you don’t want me because I am the greatest girl you’re ever going to get! No one’s going to treat you the way I’do treat you and there’s no way in hell that you’d find a girl who would love you the way I’d love you.” I laugh, shaking my head at my Mum’s attempt to cheer me up.

“If that doesn’t work just slap a little sense into him.” She winks at me and I smile, shaking my head.

“You’re crazy Mum,” 

“Hey! We share the same DNA so you’re calling yourself crazy.” She scolds me and I get up, putting my bowl by the sink.

As I’m about to leave I say the one thing I know that will rile her up more than anything. Chucking a grin at her I call “People say I look more like Dad. Your genes are weak!”

I think a plate might have smashed.

A knocking on my door breaks my concentration from the book I was reading. I still, waiting to hear the sound again. More knocking persists and I feel my stomach flip. The sound wasn’t coming from my bedroom door, it was the one leading to my patio.

It was dark outside, my alarm clock reading 9:36.  I peel the covers off my body, goosebumps appearing on my bare legs, my sleep attire only consisting of a large t shirt and some pajama shorts. Creeping over to the door, I peek out of the curtains.

My soulmate stands on the other side of the glass, an unimpressed look on his face. He mouths something and I stare at him, confused. 

“What?” I say, pulling the curtains away. He points at the door and I smirk, finally understanding what he wants.

“You want to come inside?” I say smugly, placing my hands on my hips. He nods once, shoving his hands into his jean pockets and rocking back on his heels. Surprise, surprise, he was wearing all black again.

I wave good bye at him, and a look of shock appears on his face just as the curtain covers him. I grin as I walk back to my bed, feeling triumph as I was the one who got to walk away this time.

My doorknob rattles and I sit back on my bed, confident that in a few minutes he’d be gone. Once again, it looks like I’ve underestimated my soulmate.

The door opens, a chilly air brushing over my legs. My match slides through, his hair a ruffled mess atop his head.

“That wasn’t very nice of you Princess.” He grins, shutting the door behind him.

“I don’t want to know how you got in, again.” I tell him, picking my book back up to read, intent on ignoring his presence.

“I came all this way to see you and you’re just going to ignore me?” He pouts cheekily and I close my novel calmly. Getting back up, I prowl towards my match.

“So you finally come crawling back to your soulmate? Thought you didn’t want me?” I taunt, waiting for his reply of disinterest to hit me. My words seem to roll off him however.

“I don’t.” He states, yet for a second he looked unsure. I stare back at him, my mother’s words filling my mind.

“Listen here Match.” I spit, stepping closer to him. “Its too bad that you don’t want me because I am the greatest girl you will ever get.” He doesn’t say anything, just waits for me to continue. 

“You are missing out on the best thing that could ever happen to you. No one’s going to treat you the way I’d treat you and there’s no way in hell that you’d find a girl who would love you the way I’d love you.” 

It’s silent, and my cheeks heat in embarrassment from my outburst. He grips my chin softly, forcing me to meet his hazel eyes. He’s close enough that I could kiss him if I wanted to. I hold my breath waiting for his response.

Leaning close enough that our noses brush he whispers, “I’ll take my chances”, then he’s gone and I’m left standing there wondering what the heck just happened.

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Okay so imagine Spock Prime in the days after Nero destroyed Vulcan.

After all of the chaos settles and people start to mourn and plan how to move forward, Spock Prime is (illogically) blaming himself for the destruction of his planet and the billions of lives that were lost. Deep down, he knows that the blame rests with Nero, but he is also acutely aware that his actions played a role- starting with the Kelvin. He is partially responsible for this version of his friend/brother/t'hy'la growing up without a father. So, he starts looking into this reality’s Jim Kirk, because there will never be a universe where he does not care about him. He is devastated to find out that he still was on Tarsus. He had held out hope that by one horrible tragedy happening, another could have been avoided. After all, the death of his father would have been more akin to a tidal wave than the flapping of a butterfly’s wing. He digs farther and farther, finding new information and grieving for the young man that will shape his counterpart’s life (that had shaped his life). A police report about a boy driving a car off of a cliff, an (unresolved) notice of George Kirk Jr.’s disappearance, Starfleet logs about the aftermath of Tarsus, and then… nothing, nothing for years until suddenly there are outstanding aptitude scores with a rap sheet to match. Then, the official Starfleet cadet headshot, and glowing remarks from professors (with demerits and discipline records to match).

When he reaches the end, he feels as though he had lost his world again. He mourns for the young boy who would never be the same man he knew (he thinks my fault, my fault, my fault), and it sinks in that, for the first time in his life, he is truly and completely alone in this universe.

Asuka makes History!!

History was made at NXT Southaven just moments ago as Asuka (with Ruby Riot) defeated Peyton Royce & Billie Kay and extended her streak to 174 matches in WWE without being pinned or submitted. With this match, Asuka has now officially surpassed Goldberg’s streak in both way. The real numbers one and the inflated numbers one

This is not her 174th win in WWE, it’s her 174th match where she was’t pinned or submitted. As far as winning goes, this is 169th win for Asuka which means that last night she surpassed Goldberg by numbers of wins as well because with 5 “No Contest” matces Goldberg is at 168

Long Live the Empress!

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do you know who the real MVP is? kinoshita hisashi, that’s who. #7 for karasuno. the kid with light brown spiky hair and cat eyes. do you know what he does? he encourages narita and ennoshita during the rare instances they do get to play. he wholeheartedly vouches for ennoshita as next year’s captain. he cheers karasuno on in every single game. he performs all the penalties, all the flying receives and sprints up grassy hills, all the drills and all the practices. and yet, he’s always just watching from the sidelines. he has literally never played in an official match since we have come to know him. he gives his everything to karasuno and his team despite never having played. not even once. 

please love kinoshita hisashi.


Boasting an orange and black design, the new Adidas UEFA Euro 2017 Women’s football honors the host team, the Netherlands. Apart from the colors, the football features the same graphic as the Adidas Krasava 2017 Confed Cup ball.

the Adidas UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 ball features the same characteristics as the Adidas Brazuca 2014 World Cup ball and the Adidas Euro 2016 football. The Adidas 2017 UEFA Women’s Euro Official Match Ball (OMB) features a premium surface structure, enhanced grip and in-flight visibility.

The ball is designed with 6 panels, also seen on the Fracas and Beau Jeu from EURO 2016 and the Brazuca from World Cup 2014. The football’s surface is thermally bonded and therefore has no seams. This treatment of the surface gives a more stable swerve, a more predictable trajectory and less water intake. A micro texture on the upper allows for greater friction and therefore better control on the ball.

Frost (Chapter Eighteen)

So this chapter slays me, because Tony is 100% ridiculous and Thor is 100% jealous. And there are sweet moments between Thor and Loki. And then you know… stormy type things.
Can’t wait to hear what you guys think!


Enjoy :)

“What is our love doing?” Thor sounded amused as he watched Tony make his way through the dining hall, spending a little time at each table, chatting with the visiting royalty, or what was left anyway, after Thor had dismissed the families involved in that incident with the garden.

The end of season tournament was to be held in just a few days, and the energy and excitement in the room was palpable, young warriors anxious to show off in front of their peers, in front of their parents, in front of the women who flocked to the tournament to stare and giggle and give their favors. Several marriage matches would be made based on the outcome of the competitions, children born in the spring from the less official matches made after the tournament as well.

It was also a time for the royal families to mend fences, to re-establish allies and re define boundaries. Though all were from a realm that was decidedly not human, not all were gods and even fewer were immortal, and needed to ensure their cities and peoples were safe for when they passed on.

Tournament time was a jovial time, but also a tense one, and not all the outcomes were good.

This time, however, Tony was charming and smiling and teasing and laughing with every person he came across, and it was all smiles across the room, and Loki could hardly believe it.

“Honestly.” Thor said again. “What is he doing?”

“I believe our love, darling endearing creature that he is, is managing to charm his way through even the most ornery of our guests. Even Sagara is smiling.” Loki narrowed his eyes. “A lot. Thor are you seeing this? Sagara seems quite intent on touching our mate and–”

“I see it.” Thor nearly snarled and stood from his chair at the high table, heading into the crowded dining room to where Tony was leaning over a table and grinning down at the visiting ruler.

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Pairings: Robb Stark x Fem!Reader

Summary: Colors highlight significant points in your relationship with Robb

Warnings: None. PS: (Y/F/N) = your father’s name

Word Count: 2,085

Author’s Note: So I’ve seen some people do imagines where they do one significant color and how it has been a part of a ship’s relationship over its duration. But I didn’t want to just do one color, so I thought I would do several colors and their significance. Ps, sorry if the timing of winters/summers is off cuz idk when the seasons were/how long they lasted in the past. Also, I made up a holiday because lol I needed one for the feast.

***Gifs are not mine***

White. White was all you could see for miles as you and your father rode to Winterfell. It was your first time seeing snow, as you had been born during the summer. Plus, your home was hundreds of miles from the Stark keep.

Your father and Lord Eddard had fought together during Robert’s rebellion. Unbeknownst to your parents, they had conceived you right before your father left to fight. By the time your mother knew, he had been gone for weeks. Safe to say, your father was overjoyed (although very surprised) when he came home to find his first child, a beautiful baby girl, had been born.

At the time you and your father visited Winterfell, you were seven years old. Whispers of a betrothal had been exchanged, but both parties wanted to give you two a chance to meet before any plans were made. You knew you were to be gracious and ladylike as you had been raised. But for the time, you just stared at the snow in wonder.

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For the won't write meme: kagehina, "Kageyama Develops Lactose Intolerance"

I laughed like a drain at this, thank you. 

Kageyama Develops Lactose Intolerance

People in movies always said there were fates worse than death. Kageyama was never sure whether to believe them—until the day a doctor told him to stop drinking milk.

Denial doesn’t help. When he drinks milk against the doctor’s orders, stomach cramps force him to sit out an official match. His body is betraying him in the worst way, and there seems to be no solution.

No solution he can accept.

As Kageyama spirals into despair, there is one added point of aggravation: the fact that Hinata seems to feel sorry for him. It’s the last thing he needs—the last thing he needs, and yet, he finds himself turning to his volleyball partner as the challenging, milkless days drag on. Can love truly save all? And if it can, what will be left of Kageyama by the end of it?

tags: hurt/comfort, angst, unrequited pining (for milk), lengthy descriptions of dairy products

Sun-Dappled by QuickedWeen

Length: 4k

When he lifted the lid of the box, he saw a small note. Underneath the note was a gleaming and golden Snitch.

Confused, he opened the note.

Two gifts. One from each of the most important days of my life .

Not helpful, Lou, Harry thought with a scoff.

Harry rolled the Snitch over between his fingers. It was heavy, solid, like the ones they used for official school matches. He was grateful, of course, but he remained in the dark as to why this was his birthday gift.

Louis and his best friend Harry are in their seventh year at Hogwarts, facing down their future together. Louis has been in love with his best friend for as long as he can remember, and he begins to feel a sense of urgency as the second semester begins. Finally he hatches a plan to tell Harry about his feelings on Harry’s birthday.

Ao3, One-shot

William Nylander-Shy

If your requests are open, could you do either will Nylander or auston Matthews imagine where your kinda dating but not really, or something and your a shy person and his teammate makes fun of you. And maybe they have their first kiss together? Thanks and sorry if this is confusing! Your writing is great:))

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A/N - Aww thank you very much.  I’m very sorry about the long wait time on this and I very much hope you like it. 

Voices.  The closer you got to the locker room the louder and more distinct they became.  You were meeting your best friend, William Nylander, for lunch. When Will had first come to Toronto he had gotten lost and you had “saved” him by giving him directions.  Then when you had run into him again while getting coffee, you guys had exchanged numbers and the friendship had blossomed from there.  Up until now you had refused to meet any of his teammates or their significant others because your shy quietness tended to come off to other people as stuck up bitchiness.

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Director Tada Shunsuke’s KnB: Last Game Interview in Animage May 2017


Director’s Eye Re: Akashi

“In the TV series where Akashi fought with Kuroko and Seirin, his personality changed from “Boku” to “Ore”. This time, we start out with the “Ore” Akashi, but he decided that he wouldn’t be able to win against Nash that way, so “Boku” Akashi comes out. From the very beginning, we already decided that we wanted to play what we, in the studio call “The Akashi Empire Theme Song” (i.e. KnB Soundtrack Vol. 3: The Emperor of Creation) during that scene. In the actual dubbing, and while it was myself who decided on it, the moment the music played I excitedly went “Boku Akashi kitaaa—-!!!” (laughs). I think it was a super cool scene and one with a great tempo. I think the part to look forward to with Akashi is definitely that both Akashis will come out during the match.”

Director’s Eye Re: Nash

“To put it frankly, I didn’t have much planned for Nash before we started recording except for the note that he’s the strongest enemy. However, the acting of Mr. Midorikawa (Hikaru) was so wonderful that I got heavily involved in the film processing and the animation to show Nash more charmingly. I think rather than at first sight…. You’ll be able to tell his superior coolness akin to that of the main characters if you watch it two or three more times. In the end though, Nash is of a standing as the enemy of the Vorpal Swords but he’s also an important character who clashes with Akashi, the playmaker. Also, the new music created for the movie was primarily created around/for Nash and the others so when you hear the music being played, you kind of feel the fear that Nash is out to get the Vorpal Swords again. Music-wise, I feel pretty accomplished.”

YEEEEEEEE. I came here for the Nash vs. Akashi and stayed for the interview. IDK, it’s always so interesting to read how the staff and cast feel about the characters and how they felt while creating the movie because god did the movie give me feels. 

It’s funny though because Director Tada is obsessed with Nash vs. Akashi (AHH it was great) and he said that we’ll get to read about that more in the cast comment give-away for the 7th week of the movie. I’m excited! Though I will go out of country on May…. I may be able to watch it one or two more times before leaving (;w; ). 

BTW, I love the spread with both of their “4” being visible on purpose. The black and white differentiation and the demon king vs the emperor… (*A* )

Translation under the cut

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