Something Soon // Car Seat Headrest

Biting my clothes to keep from screaming
taking pills to keep from dreaming
I want to break something important
I want to kick my dad in the shins

I was referring to the present in past tense
it was the only way that I could survive it
I want to close my head in the car door
I want to sing this song like I’m dying

Wild Zero
Guitar Wolf
Wild Zero

Guitar Wolf - Wild Zero

Because, I’m guessing you probably haven’t had enough noise or feedback in your day thus far.

Also, if you have never seen the Rock ‘N’ Roll Zombie movie starring Guitar Wolf and called, naturally enough, Wild Zero… then you most definitely should. Loudest. Movie. Ever.

From the album, Planet of the Wolves (Matador Records)

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Vinyl of the night: Helium “Pirate Prude” EP

The auspicious debut from Mary Timony and co will be reissued this month and she will be doing a mini tour of Helium songs to celebrate. As of now there are no west coast dates and I hope to God that changes. I fell in love with the band while spinning records for KCR but have only seen Mary play solo. The last song on the EP “Love $$$” is as beautiful as it is haunting.


Perfume Genius - Queen

It took me long enough, but I finally decided today was the day to buy this album on vinyl.