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A letter to my younger, bisexual self
"You should know that it’s okay to like him, and it’s okay to like her."

RIGHT NOW, WE’RE YOUNG, and the world is still new. There are millions of events you haven’t celebrated yet, places you haven’t seen and books you haven’t read. You’re only 13, but this is the time when your journey to self-discovery begins.

You should know that it’s okay to like him, and it’s okay to like her. Don’t be scared to explore who you are. Don’t let those around you suppress your expression. Cut your hair exactly how you want — you don’t like it long and later you’ll realize that shaving it all down makes you much happier and more self-confident. Wear the dark eyeliner you love, even though mom doesn’t like it. Whatever you do, don’t mix stripes and camouflage, it’ll be hard to come back from that.

Village Life

I took my little moped off, off-road and followed a rocky track up way into the mountains just off the coast in north-east Bali late in the afternoon to catch some of villagers at dinner time. Around the world I have found the locals are much more receptive to strangers and having their photo taken later in the day.
This lady was cooking by an open fire, preparing dinner for her family of five before the sun went down. Up there in the mountains there is no electricity and they rise and go to bed according to the sun.

I’m always amazed at how far a polite smile and wave can go. I can speak a few basic words of Indonesian, but nowhere near enough to carry on a conversation, yet I was invited into these peoples’ home for a basic tour and some photos. As usual I had my FUJIFILM INSTAX instant camera with me and left them with a couple of family photos as a thank-you.

Note: this is one of those times that quality camera gear comes in handy. It was nearly dark by this time and I did not want to go firing off a flash so I used my Fuji X-E2 and 35mm 1.4 lens. Shooting wide open at 1.4 allowed me to expose the scene properly with a suitable lens speed to avoid camera shake.
Daylife vs. nightlife in Vancouver: The ultimate 24-hour guide to Canada’s Left Coast capital
We won't blame you for wanting to move here...

For any of you out there thinking of visiting Vancouver this summer for a quickie, here’s a list of things I put together for Matador Network, that you may find enjoyable to eat, see and do.                                                                    Sadly, my two favourite parts (intro, and Granville Street shit show) were cut from the final piece. But because I love you, here they are below…                                                                                                                                   Occasionally Vancouver is labeled as No Fun City–mostly by those who are still hell bent on partying their faces off, and have done so in much larger cities like New York, Toronto or London, then feel as though a comparison to Vancouver is justifiable. Whinging can also be heard from people who are spoon-fed their fun, those who are just too lazy to search for or make it themselves. Or from fragile, unadventurous folks who disregard nature with a simple wave of the hand, as though Vancouver’s unparalleled proximity to the magnificent wild spells the end of exciting, meaningful experiences. As our hip and handsome mayor, Gregor Robertson, was recently quoted saying, “It’s true that Vancouver lacks the stressful vibe of cities where guns, muggers and freeways threaten one’s daily existence, but we compensate for our lack of garbage and smog with deep culture, breathtaking nature and intense recreation.”…                                                                                                                                                  AND…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    …Tons of Granville Street clubs attract hordes of young bridge-and-tunnel revelers. Imagine a parade of girls in butt-cheek-revealing dresses awkwardly clip-clopping along in high-heels like newborn giraffes learning to walk, while gel-haired dudes, coated in Axe Body Spray, creep along behind them, tongues hanging out. I suppose being a young, hot mess is a right of passage for many…
I lived with a Guna family in Panama. What happened when I left is one of my best stories.
"Open letter to a Panamanian boy: Why did you punch me in the face?"

Why did this Panamanian boy say good bye with a punch to the face? Find out  why in my latest travel story for Matador Travel Network. Please share the story if you feel it. I’d love you even more forever!

…после того, как солнце сядет, наступает момент, когда цвет и освещение делаются удивительно красивыми. Этот эффект длится всего несколько секунд, когда солнце только что ушло за горизонт, но его лучи как бы рикошетом продолжают освещать землю…
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Blue spring provides the water supply for the town of Putaruru. Its crystal water is pure and has an intense blue hue, living up to its name.
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S u b t l e
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All the crew said the Isle Of Pines was their favourite stop & even though the weather wasn’t on our side it’s not hard to see why. Named by Captain Cook who spotted the pine trees lining the shore this gorgeous island is awash with pristine lagoons, calm bays and the friendliest locals who are happy to show you their home #newcaledonia #isleofpines #island #beach #travelgram #travelstoke #olympusinspired #cruiseabout #carnivallegend by jayneytravels