Masuo Jun


[CHARACTER] Kuroi, Akai, Shiroi & Hanako.

Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Kana: 黒井 、赤井、白井 & 花子
Romaji: Kuroi, Akai, Shiroi & Hanako

Role: One-shot characters
Type: Human
Alignment/Organization: Civilian
First appearance: Act Zero
Last appearance: Act Zero
Status: Alive
Actors: Akira Kubodera (Kuroi), Hiroyuki Matsumoto (Akai), Yoshito Endo (Shiroi), Jun Masuo (Hanako)


  • The actors that played the Shitennou also portrayed these police officers.

Today, on twitter: Yoshito and Jun about the foto above

(As usual, brought to you by STUTS, Shitennouland’s Totally Unreliable Translations)

@yst_freedom: I don’t know when that was. Shiroi is checking if you’re okay.

@junjazzmaso: It was you! We were all playing darts and Endo-kun was the guy who pointed a dart at my nose! Shiroi reached out and it naturally landed on the blond curly guy!

@yst_freedom: Don’t remember it at all. When exactly did that happen?

@junjazzmaso: I think probably after the end of Moon!
I think at that time we went to Shinjuku for billard and darts with Endo-kun, Jyoji-kun, Ikuta-san and Shinobu-san.
Did we really play billard?
Did Matsumoto-kun come too?
Kubodera-san wouldn’t come.

I’m just so ridiculously happy whenever PGSM cast members tweet with each other!