Do you like games such as,

- Zoo Tycoon 2

- Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

- Rollercoaster Tycoon

and were you disappointed in the lack of realism, artificial intelligence for the animals, or lack of creativity revolving around the enclosures for your creatures?

Prehistoric Kingdom is a tycoon simulation game currently under development that aims to be a spiritual successor to Zoo Tycoon 2 and Jurassic Park Operation Genesis.

This game promises to have realistic dinosaurs (with feathers that you can turn on and off according to your preference), prehistoric mammals, aquatic reptiles, and other extinct species that are accurate depictions of their kind.

Here is the catch;

200 different species will have AI that allows them to perform and react with their natural behaviors to a variety of settings, including social, predator/prey, and environmental settings.

But this is a theme park building game!

Safari jeep tours, aquariums, roller coasters, and animal interactions are just a few of the theme park attractions that you can create.

This game is the epitome of Tycoon-type experiences, combining all of your favorite games into one, modern, accurate depiction of Prehistoric theme park greatness.

You are essentially creating your own version of Jurassic World that isn’t just limited to Dinosauria!!

What you can do to help promote this indie game into production:

Like them on Facebook (where they post almost weekly updates and commonly ask for fan input on creatures and options being added)

Subscribe to  them on Youtube

Stay active and help advertise their game, because I strongly believe this will be the new generation of Zoo Tycoon-type games that everyone will love.

This is a trailer for it’s upcoming Spring 2015 Tech Demo.

Note: I have no association with Prehistoric Kingdom or it’s development team in any way, I just wanted to help promote the game.

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Mastodon "The Motherload" and The Only Opinion that Counts

This week has been an interesting one. At the end of August, I danced with some friends for Mastodon’s new video, “The Motherload”. We were stoked about it. Twerking in a metal video?! Unheard of! We came from varying backgrounds, classical dancers, pole dancers, strippers all nervously waiting in the common area wondering how we’d all fit in. Well that was a piece of cake. As soon as the music played, we felt jazzed–in fact, they asked us if we’d prefer to dance to some hip-hop instead and then they’d remove the sound and add their track. We declined. We all waited patiently by our machines for weeks, waiting for the video to drop. It dropped Monday.

Within minutes of the video dropping, there was a serious backlash. While most people seemed to “get” the band’s shout out to their hometown, Atlanta, others called it racist and sexist. Some people even called us dirty niggers and whores. Funny, the most sexist and racist sentiments came not from filming the actual video, but from a subset of metal fans who thought we simply didn’t belong. If anything, the video shoot was welcoming, the band clever and pleasant, and the girls bonded almost the second the music dropped. Much like the band, we weren’t concerned with thin, knee-jerk reactions to asses and twerking.

We came across from different walks of life. Real deal ATL strippers joked with me–I’m a pole dance student with a background in African American literature and cultural theory, while my ballet dancer friend laughed with the other ladies, doing pirouettes in between takes. If you read the interview in which the band says that we were having fun with each other and not for the male gaze, you should know he was totally right. My other friend who is the best conglomeration of every dancer there–pole dancer, stripper, PhD in women’s lit and African American lit focus, and a dance instructor–could be the poster child of what this was. Women having fun with each other. Praising each other.  A glimpse into what we do and that we are bigger than what we do.

One of the reasons this video, for me, is garnering so much attention is that truly the women are not just asses–and there are a lot of fantastic asses in the building–but shown as 3D people, which scares folk. Another is the concern for cultural appropriation. From us and from them. The fear of metal being “tainted”, the fear of the band using a dance form associated with black culture for their own gain. These fears boil down into my one response: we all belong. This band made it such that by the time the shoot was over, we all went home and got the track. (I’m playing it on the jukebox at my local bar as I write.) This video wasn’t a spoof or mocking or satire, in my opinion. The guys are ATL homegrown. As much as metal is in their bones, so is trap music, so is Old Fourth Ward, so is Magic City. They repped Georgia not out of exploitation, but because it resonates with them and is a part of them. This video proves that metal can reach out and can be reached out to without parody, without hierarchy, and it is a good thing.

Ask us if it was racist or sexist. We were the ones right there experiencing it. I’ll tell you from my view: no.



I’m very pleased to reveal my new artwork for the mighty MASTODON to celebrate the release of their fantastic new song ‘WHITE WALKER’, which heralds the launch of the new season of GAME OF THRONES and appears on the official HBO/Game Of Thrones LP.

This shirt design (fully sanctioned by HBO) is available right NOW on Mastodon’s U.S/Canadian tour with the unfathomably great line up of Mastodon, Clutch, Big Business and Graveyard.


2004. Leviathan

is the second album by band Mastodon, released in August 31. The album is the group’s first concept album and is loosely based on the Herman Melville novel Moby-Dick. Three magazines awarded it Album of the Year in 2004: Revolver, Kerrang! and Terrorizer. In 2009 MetalSucks named Leviathan the best metal album of the 21st century.

Cover art and booklet artwork was done by Paul Romano. The white tower seen in the artwork on the inside cover of the booklet is a revamped version of Martin Heemskerck’s 16th century interpretation of the Pharos of Alexandria. The wave seen in the full picture of the artwork is a reflection of Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

this is a must have record for any genuine heavy metal fan. Remission was a classic, unbelievably genuine and brilliantly written album - but its not for everyone. This record broadens the horizons for Mastodon, and is certainly geared towards incorporating numerous traditional elements of heavy metal which have made this band the best modern metal group there is.