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Hello dear. Sorry to be a bother but I have a question. Do you game play with all the sims 3 eps and sps aswel as store items and cc? How many gb of cc? Have a lovely day/night!

Hi! Answering this is a bit complicated, because my game-setup is :)

I have all EPs installed + Fast Lane and Outdoor Living.

I actually own a couple of other SPs (Movies, Mastersuite, Townlife, Highend). When I got those, I installed them, cloned the items I wanted, made them basegame compatible and uninstalled the pack.

Build/Buy objects from those SPs and from the Store are installed as additional Fullbuilds to the Programmes directory and make up 1,65 GB together. (I’m using this method since I installed my store-worlds without the launcher.) CAS Parts from SPs and Store are in the Mods-folder because I’m more likely to put things in-and-out of game there.

My Mods-folder is currently 4,82 GB.