We all pretty much knew it was coming, but now it’s officially official!

Series 4 of Sherlock will air on January 1st, 8th, and 15th on PBS Masterpiece in the US.

(BBC One still hasn’t officially announced their dates for episodes 2 and 3. But since PBS never plays the new episodes before the BBC, and the BBC likes Sundays for Sherlock, it’s a safe bet the UK dates will be the same.)

It’s super-duper important to note that US airtimes will vary because of time zones, because Masterpiece doesn’t have a set time schedule from week to week, and because PBS member stations are allowed to move their individual schedules around a little to suit their communities. So be sure to double- and triple-check the listings for your local PBS station for the right times to tune in.

But wait, it says 120 minutes up there. Are these extra-long episodes?

Sorry to disappoint you, but no–these won’t be longer-than-usual episodes.

Back with Series 1 and 2, PBS used to have Hartswood edit small pieces out of the episodes so there was room to fit the show + Masterpiece intro + messages about PBS’ funders into 90 minutes.

American fans complained about the cuts, so for Series 3 and The Abominable Bride PBS instead added an extra 30ish minutes of filler content (usually behind-the-scenes footage and interviews) to make each broadcast chunk hit the easily-scheduled 2 hour mark.

Since the episodes are officially listed as 120 minutes on the Masterpiece site again, I’d guess the good news is they’re continuing the new tradition of not editing the episodes for time. (Though they could still make minor edits for language, because Bad Words are a bigger deal in the US.) The fact that the online TV schedule for WGBH (home of Masterpiece) has all of the episodes in 90 minute slots, though, makes me think there’s not going to be a bunch of cool extra behind-the-scenes stuff this time to fill out the slot. It will probably be more like just over 90 minutes of episode once the Masterpiece intro and funder messages are attached, and WGBH (and possibly other stations) will simply cheat their schedules by 5 minutes or whatever for the program immediately following. Stations that don’t want to be running off by a few minutes will get some fluff to play to fill things out to fit a 120 minute slot instead.

But again: CHECK YOUR LOCAL LISTINGS because I am just guessing until more info comes out.


Halloween 2016! - PBS Mystery! - Edward Gorey’s Ballroom Batwoman.

I’ve always wanted to bring an Edward Gorey character to life, and this simplistic, elegant and mischievous Batwoman was a perfect fit for the chaos of this year.

- My bat headdress is made from a wire bunny ear base, poster board and tissue paper

-Dress is thrifted

- Murderous fan doubles as a purse via opening on the top! Look closely and you’ll notice a very subtle drowning scene take place! 😱

You can find the animation this is based on on YouTube, as well as a number of variations! I encourage you to check out the art of Edward Gorey as well!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4502MXkb-Dc - check out the animation here!

Hope you’re all having a spooky fun night and have a Happy Halloween!!

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—  Amy Kennedy