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jaime: ur ugly
jaime, literally 30 seconds later: so what’s your name are you a virgin are you into dudes are you into girls tell me about your childhood hey if we had sex i’d be the first person you met that would be able to pin you against a wall anyway tell me about the guy you were in love with


Started my master’s in international and transnational law and is being a lot of work guys. The readings are absolutely fulfilling and the classes are the kind you want to attend and look forward to throughout the morning. Love the international regimen, so many foreign classmates who have already taught me so much about their countries and cultures. I just wish everyone could have the same opportunity as I, studying in a completely international context just by their doorstep.

If you want to know how I stay inspired to do all of my work, just check out my video on how to keep motivation to a max.

David Anointed by Samuel and The Battle of David and Goliath (folio 7 verso from the Breviary of Philippe le Bel [Philip the Fair]), Master Honoré, 1296

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Aha I'm already in love with your insta au and I really want more do you have any headcanons? Like for the other characters as well and how they are incorporated into the au??

omg yes!! i have like two waiting to be posted and 4 more drawings im currently working on for it!

basic au hcs

  • everyone is basically still in university in this au 
    • allura is getting her masters in international and diplomatic studies and is currently fluent in over 10 languages
    • shiros getting a phd in applied mathematics and theoretical physics 
    • pidge is an undergrad double majoring in computer science and mechanical engineering 
    • lance is an undergrad majoring in astrophysics 
    • hunk is an undergrad majoring in mechanical engineering 
    • keith was majoring in astrophysics until he dropped out sophomore year and now works in a garage fixing bikes and cars 
  • lance and allura both run popular beauty/lifestyle instagrams and actually met through insta when lance shot her a message asking if she wanted to do a photoshoot with him 
  • they’ve been best friends ever since 
  • hunk and lance are childhood friends and it was hunk who introduced lance to pidge (who he met through their engineering courses bc how could he not talk to the small genius who had the gall to tell the professor they were wrong the first week of classes)
  • pidge and keith have been best friends ever since they met freshman year in one of their gen ed courses (turns out mutual hatred/annoyance is a great foundation for a lasting friendship)
  • broganes
  • shiro and allura 100% had a meet cute where shiro spilt his coffee all over her shoes in a campus coffee shop  
    • he felt rlly bad 
    • they were also v nice shoes 
    • allura promised it was fine and that he could repay her with a date this friday 
    • keith and pidge were actually there to witness this and they’d never seen shiro so red and nodding so fast he looked like one of pidge’s short-circuiting robots (when shiro denied this pidge sent him side by side video analysis from what she recorded on her phone earlier that day and the bot that fried itself the day before)
  • keith knew and was a follower of lance’s insta way before they even met or he even knew pidge was friends with him or that they had gone to the same uni and even had some freshman classes together 
  • pidge was 100% aware the second she met hunks loud mouthed roommate that he was the same guy she caught keith stalking on insta multiple times every week (the only reason he even has one is bc pidge convinced him to get one back in freshman yr bc there was no point of posting embarrassing/stupid pics of ur friend if said friend wasnt going to see them)
  • shiro never told him that his gfs best friend was the same lance either 
  • keith is surrounded by traitors 
  • everyone knows about this but lance

i have many more but i dont want this post to be too long!

| Voltron Insta AU |

Common sense is a compendium of slanders like “We’ll always need bosses”, “Without authority mankind would sink into barbarism and chaos” and so on. Custom has mutilated man so thoroughly that when he mutilates himself he thinks he is following a law of nature. And perhaps he is chained so firmly to the pillory of submission through suppressing the memory of what he has lost. Anyway, it benefits the slave mentality to associate power with the only possible form of life, survival. And it fits well with the master’s purposes to encourage such an idea.
—  Raoul Vaneigem, The Revolution of Everyday Life, p. 97.

Many people may remember the trading cards and profiles that belonged to Weird n Wild. Weird n Wild cards were originally created and published by International Masters Publishers from 2003 to 2010. The originals were just the knowledge cards as shown above and they are still published today but come with trading cards. A number of Cryptozoological creatures were in the sub-category of “Monsters of the Mind”. 

Bored guards outside the peaceful town of Carnelian, shortly before the dragon swooped down, turned the spearmen into popsicles, and tried to drop the catapult onto the approaching party.  (Tower from 1992 Battle Masters game, 1980s Citadel Feudals spearmen, Grenadier 1987 crossbowman, WOTC guard captain, catapult from a ‘90s Weapons & Warriors game)

#tabletopday wrap-up:

  • Dragons slain: 1
  • Hill Giants defeated: 2 slain, 5 skillfully avoided
  • Orcs liberated from giant/dragon oppression instead of killed on sight: 8
  • Pocky consumption: high
  • First-time players who want to play again: 3 out of 3
  • Parents of players who want in: 2
ID #79205

Name: Ana
Age: 22
Country: Ukraine

I just obtained a Master’s degree and currently am working as a teacher’s assistant at the university. Facinated by the languages and words, I have devoted most of my life to culture, education and communication.
Needless to say, I love love love reading.  It would be really hard for me to pick out my favourite author, but lately I have been really into European writers like Boris Vian, Raymond Qienau, Milan Kundera and Samuel Beckett.
Writing is my biggest passion; I enjoy creating characters and their stories. Taking my own experiences and observations of other people’s lives and putting them into fictional setting is a really good way of coping with the boring routine of everyday existence.
Films are another addiction of mine, I adore anything by David Lynch and it would be so so awesome to talk to somebody about his weird yet fascinating movies.
My music taste is pretty eclectic, I just enjoy anything that resonates with my current vibes. Really, my playlist varies from soul to psychedelic rock, and love exploring new genres and artists.
I have never had a penpal, but I am very excited about the idea of finding a friend that I will have a genuine connection with. I would appreciate us sharing the same interests, but Idm if we don’t. I would love to learn things from you and about you, it’s not necessary that we discuss our hobbies all the time, I will just be happy to hear you out about anything.
So that’s about it, hope my intro wasn’t too overwhelming. :)

Preferences: someone around my age (20+) would be nice.

what annoys me about your sign

[ no offense lol ] 

aries: always tries to compete with others
taurus: too stubborn to listen to anyone else’s ideas
gemini: can’t sit still or be serious for once
cancer: very needy and takes everything the wrong way
leo: always expects appreciation and refuses to be wrong about anything
virgo: over analyzes everything into a problem
libra: judges everyone and overuses their mastered fake personality
scorpio: internalizes everything and never opens up to anyone
sagittarius: never thinks things through before making a decision 
capricorn: constantly focuses on the negatives of everything
aquarius: has strong opinions about how anything should be done
pisces: never deals with problems head on