Master Emerald

And now, an origin for The Hat of Glory

So, who here remembers Knuckles’ hat from the OVA?

Oh, don’t lie- you all do, because it is awesome. I rather like the hat myself, and so naturally I like to think of how he came to have it, and with it, this scene unfolded- 

So for whatever reason, Knuckles is forced to stay in Knothole for a while with the Master Emerald, hiding it there in an underground chamber. So, for a time, he is directly helping Sonic and company. 

Basically over the course of things, he becomes good friends with Bunnie and Antoine, and so Bunnie decides to give him a little something for his troubles- a hat that had previously belonged to her uncle. 

I just get a kick out of picturing her giving him The Hat, him trying it on and looking into a mirror, intensely scrutizing it, and never once losing that dead serious expressio, says “I like it!” in complete earnestness, much to Bunnie’s glee. 

And lo, the legend is born.

Everybody goes on about Shadow for having amnesia, but at least that only actually happened once, the first time he just was hazy on the details.

Nobody ever talks about Knuckles. He still doesn’t know why the hell he’s on Angel Island and why he’s guarding the Master Emerald in the first place.

Sonic Skyline: Master Emerald and Chaos Emeralds

Purple– Thunder
Red– Fire
White–it absorbs light..a sort of black hole.. ( hummanoidgamer ’s idea–my other little brother)
Cyan— Ice

Master Emerald : Earth

notes: Master Emerald its the one that allows all the floating island on the sky to float..
if its removed the all islands will collapse.. this is something not many know on that world, the guardians knew this..and they keep the existence of the M.E.  and its importance on secret.

Eggman  knows it and doesn’t plan to take it away from the island or destroy it… but he wants to use its power… i guess with wanting so much power Eggman would want to make the biggest storm ever  °_°   dunno if that plan its ok.. im not that good on strategy things XP

i though if it allows all floating islands (wich are land made of earth) to actually float.. then Earth it could be its element

gotta design its altar someday…

hope u like it


The first scene/teaser of The Wrath of Nazo is out!! Will be updating a FAQ shortly