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"Isshin didn’t throw Masaki’s ass halfway across the seireitei" was literally a anti IR argument I saw. Okay, let's ignore that Renji was there to caught Rukia and that Masaki wasn't going to be executed at the Seireitei like Rukia was. What's next?

Or that Isshin was in Masaki’s inner world…who tf do they expect him to throw her to? Plus he just had one floating head to defeat whereas Ichigo had half the Gotei to fight. 

It’s hilarious though, that they’re trying to nitpick the Ichiruki/Masshin parallel when their arguments for a parallel consist of Masaki and Inoue looking alike / having big boobs / enjoying food.

chapter 19: It wasn't just me. Yuzu, Karin and Dad as well loved Mom very much. In other words, she was like the sun of our family. (Ichigo)
chapter 536: But she was definitely like the sun. She attracted, forgave, illuminated anything, and controlled as she liked. I was just... happy to be in her mercy. (Isshin)

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  • otp: ichigo/rukia forever
  • favourite canon pairing: isshin/masaki
  • worst pairing ever: ichigo/orihime duh
  • guilty pleasure pairing: ulquiorra/orihime
  • a pairing you wanted to see more: GINRAN GINRAN GINRAN
  • that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no”: toshiro/momo :P
  • favorite non-romantic pair: tatsuki/orihime
Top 5 ships you’ll go down with no matter what

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1. Naruhina (Naruto x Hinata)

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2. Ichiruki (Ichigo x Rukia)

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3. Kaneki x Touka

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4. Minakushi (Minato x Kushina)

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5.  Masshin (Isshin x Masaki) 

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